Levels of Industry

By Taylor Kern

The Four Levels of Industry

1. Agriculture

2. Manufacturing

3. Wholesale

4. Service

Definition of The Four Levels of Industry

1. Agriculture: Gathering & processing raw materials

2. Manufacturing: Turning a raw material into a product

3. Wholesale, Transportation, Retail

Wholesale: Sells products to retailers

Transportation: Takes products from a wholesaler to a retailer

Retail: Sells products to consumers

4. Service: This is were the retailer advertises his product

Example of the levels of Industry

1. A farmer grows straw to make money

2. It goes to a factory to be turned into hats

3.Then it goes to a storage warehouse

4. A retailer buys it then it gets transported by trucks to the retailer

5. Then the wholesaler sales it to the consumer that

6. Then the retailer advertises it so people buy it

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Agriculture is when a farmer grows crops to sell to the manufacturing companys to make money. There is a Commercial farmer which sell crops to make money. There are also substitute farmers which only raise enough for there family. Commercial farmer are usually sell to the manufacturing.


These are the people that turn the raw material from the Agriculture into the products that they sell to retailers. The manufactures are most of the working in a big steel or metal building. Also alot of them go into something that Henry Ford created which is the mass production but that also depends on the Supply & Demand


These are the people that sell the product that the manufactures make.Then the products are bought by retailers. These are the products that come out of the factory or mass production line.


This is were they people who bought the products from the wholesale have them transported. This task is usually done by large trucks, Boats, or trains. The most common today though is large trucks.


These are the people that get the product from the transportation and put it in stores and this is were the consumers can buy the product. It is also advertised by the retailer so people will buy it.


This is were the retailer advertises his product to make sure that people know about it. This makes people interested and will make want the product. This also has a big deal with supply and demand. People know about the product and if theres not enough it will have a high demand