By Walter Dean Myers

By Reece Smith


The summary of the book scorpions. Jamal hicks takes over the gang called the scorpions that was handed down by his brother. Jamal's brother randy is in jail for murder. Jamal and his mother are trying to get money for his appeal.
jamal and his friend Tito say there going to get boats, and race to puerto rico
Jamal is the leader of the scorpions. The scorpions safe house is an old fire station like this.
This is a picture of a casket. Tito shot angel and he died. Angel was buried in a casket.

I think you should read this.

I would read this book because it is action packed. Also it is about a kid my age going through family problems. It is a very good book. It is an Newbery Award book.

The scorpions Written by Walter Dean Myers