The Colt Courier

April 17, 2020

Principal's Message

Thanks for all of your hard work in preparing for Round 2 of eLearning, your LRP, and starting to work on Round 3. I have a principal's meeting on Tuesday, so hopefully I will find out more about future plans then. I will let you know as soon as I am allowed to share. I hope you all had a restful and relaxing Spring Break! Can you believe their are only 7 weeks left in the school year? Keep up the great work!



The Week Ahead

Week of April 20th



Wednesday- eLearning

Thursday- eLearning


School News

  • Census data ensures our schools receive their fair share of resources. Ensuring every resident in South Carolina is counted during the 2020 census will help our schools for the next 10 years. Please go to and complete your census today. Share this post and tag three friends challenging them to complete their census! #CountMeInSC #SCCounts2020

  • You will be hearing from Aaryn about a dance challenge to send to families soon. So get ready. I will not be doing this one!

  • Fun Staff Challenge: The first 2 people to respond to me through text or email with the correct answer to each, will win a small prize.

  1. What question can you never answer "yes" to?
  2. Add 1+2+3+4.....+99+100

Adam Fantone

Quote of the Week

eLearning doesn't just "happen"! It requires careful planning and implementation.” - Anonymous

Happy April Birthdays to the Following Colts!

We hope the following staff members have a wonderful birthday!

April 5th- Grace Haruska

April 8th- Matthew McCurley

April 8th-Haleigh Strayer

April 10th- Yara Ahrar

April 12th- Mary Raines

April 17th- Roberta Martin

April 23rd- Jenn Hawkensen

April 23rd-Meghan Love

April 28th-Monica Burke

April 29th-Jennifer Antley

April 29th-Sarah Baird

Colt Shout Outs

  • Shout out to Jessica Williams for putting together Spirit Week!

  • Shout out to all grade levels for their hard work on planning.

  • Shout out to everyone who helped pass out paper packets and stuff them.

  • Shout out to Nurse Sova for standing outside for 4 hours passing out medications.

SES Teacher Website

Our Google Site will provide access to a variety of resources including: Master Schedules, Handbooks, Calendars, Faculty Rosters, etc...

Virtual Staff of Excellence

Teacher Winner-Will be announced tomorrow!

Support Staff Winner-Will be announced tomorrow!