Road to Perseverence

By: Jazmyne Griggs


Perseverance is when someone refuses to give in to the adversity they are facing and push forward against all odds toward success. As said by Ramana Maharshi, an Indian sage, "No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance."

Jackie Robinson- Cause and Effect

The fact that Jackie Robinson was African-American caused many things to happen. When Jackie tried to become a professional baseball player, the fact that he was black made everything all the much more difficult to accomplish. It caused him to fail many times and to be rejected by many teams. The effect it had on his life made it to where he had to persevere and push harder than any other player in the MLB to fulfill his dream of becoming a pro. In the end after all of the struggling and persevering, it caused Jackie to triumph over all of the negativity and gain the fame he has today. Him being African-American in the end made him into the first black professional baseball player and allowed him to gain the fame he has today.

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Jackie Robinson getting ready to knock a ball out of the park.

Tom Monaghan- Chronological Order/Sequence

When Tom was just starting out in the pizza industry, Tom’s brother gave up on the business and sold him his portion of it in exchange for the delivery car. That was a setback for Tom because now he had no car to deliver with which meant less business. After that, Tom’s next partner didn’t pay him the $500 for the partnership and he went on spending sprees like his money was water. A couple of years after that his partner landed in the hospital and asked to dissolve his partnership. The partnership was so entangled that Tom’s lawyer recommended that he declare bankruptcy and start over. Two years after Tom’s partnership dissolved, his ex-partner declared bankruptcy and he was responsible for over $75,000 in bad debt. With his ambition to keep him going, Tom managed to make $50,000 in net profits but after a devastating fire wiped out is anchor store it was all taken away. The insurance only cover 13,000 of the 150,000 in damages. Nearly 10 years after that, Tom was out of cash and Domino’s was in financial trouble, he was on the verge of bankruptcy again. Over the next nine years, Tom slowly built back his business, paying off every last creditor. In the end, thanks to Tom's strong conviction Domino's became the largest home delivery pizza business in the world and Tom became one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the country, with 97 percent of the company’s stock.

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Young Tom Monaghan smiling for the camera.

Winston Churchill & Elenor Roosevelt- Compare and Contrast

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Francisco Bucio- Description

At the age of twenty-seven, Francisco seemed well on his way to achieve his dream. His skill had earned him a residency in plastic surgery at Mexico City’s General Hospital, and in only a few more years he’d be able to establish a private practice. Then, on September 19, 1985, Francisco’s world crashed down around him. An earthquake, one of the largest in history, measuring 8.1 on the Richter Scale, claimed more than 4,200 lives. When the tremors started, Francisco was on the hospital's fifth floor. When the tremors ended, he was on the ground floor, buried under tons of debris. Francisco soon realized that his right hand-the one with which he performed surgery-was crushed under a massive steel beam. As Francisco struggled painfully and frantically, unable to pull his hand free, he started to panic. He knew that without circulation, his hand would turn gangrenous and would have to be amputated. As four agonizingly slow days went by, he was eventually rescued. The rescuers at the scene said that they would have to cut off his hand. His family refused to yield to their request because they new it would be a major adversity for him to overcome. So they spend hours removing the metal beam from his crushed hand.
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Dr. Francisco Bucio posing for the camera before a surgery.

Rose Nolan- Ashes of Roses

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In conclusion, perseverance comes in many shapes and sizes. One can learn that a person with perseverance can accomplish anything they set their mind to. Also, perseverance and a little ambition can go a long way in overcoming an adversity, as seen in everyday life from town heroes to the president.