Best School Playground Ever!!!

Kendra's Playground Design

Playground Description

This playground design includes: 1 large jungle gym, 2 swing sets (8 swings total), 1 merry go round, 1 set of monkey bars, 1 circle climbing dome, 1 basketball court, and 1 soccer field. The playground will have three separated areas: a mulch area containing (the jungle gym, swings, merry go round, monkey bars, and climbing dome), the basketball court (this will be a paved surface), and the soccer field (a grassy area).

Space and Costs


This will be a very large playground area containing three main sections. The mulched section containing the jungle gym along with the other play struct will need a total perimeter around 400 feet and will have an area of 10,000 feet squared. The paved basketball court area will have a perimeter of 232 feet and an area of 3,108 feet squared. The last section will be the soccer fields that have a perimeter of 240 feet and an area of 3,500 feet squared.


The costs for this playground are extensive. The costs of the mulch are would be around $50,000, the costs for the basketball court would be around $6,000, and the costs for the soccer field would be around $1,000. The total for the entire playground would be around $57,000.