No suspenson for Jay Football Team After Referee is Pommmeled

Coach told two players to do wrong. Now the coach and his two players are getting consquences for their actions .But they did not suspend the high school from playing from future games this season. They suspend the two kids but not the coach from the future games.

Credible source

This is a credible source because theres alot of proof on videos and on tv.If you look up the information or watch the events on youtube. There is a lot more information on this topic.


There talking about how the UIL is supporting other people and the school in the football game. They mainly try to get people or schools that couldnt participate particaipate. The UIL is trying their best to get peolple who cant play to get the chance to play.

Credible source

This is not a credible source because I think supporting one of the two groups are between them in the coin.This has less information you can not see this on tv. you would have to serach deep to find this topic.

Article I perfer

I prefer article two because it shows how some schools don't respect others and and they think they should get suspended. has more information to know what actually is happening in this conversation.