Equanimous Heroes

Alex Kiener

Connor Janowiak!

Connor Janowiak is my personal hero and also my cousin. He went to Boulder college of engineering for a coding career. He wanted to be a coder ever since he was 9 and now he pursued his dream to become one. His first game came out about a year ago and is available for purchase. He owns his own company known as Another Yeti and is always working to produce new games and.or content for those games. He is my personal hero because I also have an interest in coding and want to program games in my future. Thats a brief summary of Connor Janowiak.

Equanimous Hero Definition Essay

Alex Kiener

Period 8

Due 2/3/16

The hero inside all of us

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, a hero is "a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities". A hero is someone who does or did something that showed bravery and amazing courage that makes them a public/personal savior. Some examples of a hero are a man saving a dog from getting run over, or a human rights activist. A hero is not only someone to look up to, but also someone who reacts in the moment to help others in need.

A hero focuses their attention on others and not on themselves. A hero is a man who gives a homeless man some food or a hero is a woman helping a grandmother cross a busy road. Consider how much courage it takes to go up to a complete stranger and do something to make a difference in their day or even in their life. Someone either ignores a problem when they see it, or they jump in and fix it. Being a hero can also mean being a role model or being an inspiration to others. Being more heroic is something we can all work at.

My hero is my older cousin Connor. He is my idol because he has the same interest as me: computer programming. Connor wanted to be a computer programmer ever since he was about 12 years old. He grew up pursuing his dream, and he was driven to succeed. Connor is very smart and also a creative designer. When Connor was creating this game he had to make many sacrifices. He would miss out on some family reunions and being with friends. All that takes great perseverance and he did it to pursue his dream. Connor used his creativity to transform an idea into a awesome computer game that is now available for purchase. He was brave to follow his heart and deal with the sacrifices that he had to make.

A hero is often stereotyped as someone who wears a spandex suit and a cape, has muscles, and saves the day. While I believe this, I also think there are many types of heroes. There are “superheroes” and then there are “everyday” heroes. To me, an everyday hero is someone who is a great role model and inspires people to have the courage and bravery to follow their dreams.

Equanimous Haiku!

Connor Janowiak

Boulder, career in coding

Another Yeti

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My Equanimous Hero Passion Project ^^^^^^^^

This is graffiti. Graffiti relates to my personal hero because his brother is really good at graffiti, therefore I did graffiti.