The Civil War

by: Jaelynn Dayries, BIni Sharizo, Destini Dayries

The South: Advantages over the North

  • Best military officers
  • Size of south (geographic)
  • Jefferson Davis (president)
  • Robert E. Lee (military leader)

The North : Advantages Over the South

  • Higher population
  • Very wealthy, most banks were in the North.
  • More farms to provide for the soldiers
  • Controlled the sea
  • Controlled 21,000 miles of railroad
  • Brinton McClellan ( military leader in beginning of the war)
  • Grant (military leader till the end)

Weaknesses of the North

  • Military Leadership
  • Military lost 1/3 of their military officers to the South.

Weaknesses of the South

  • Economy and Tranportation
  • Agriculturally based economy couldn't stand a long war
  • Very few factories to produce guns and other military supplies
  • Lacked railroads to transport troops over long distance



  • 9 million
  • 11 states
  • About 4 million slaves

  • 13 states
  • 22 million
  • 400,000 slaves

Economy and Technology


  • Strong economy
  • Had new technology
  • Industrialized

  • Weak economy
  • Had no new technology, urbanization has not spread to the South yet.
  • Economy relied on agriculture

Military Preparedness

The North was prepared for war with their industries, farms, and technology. The only disadvantage was their military leadership. The south won over many of their military leaders/officers, leaving them with very few compared to them.

The south was not as prepared as the North, set aside from their leader. Their general was the best in the academy, and that gave them a lot of advantages. They were all trained in the North. That meant that the southern leaders knew their plans, and tactics. This put them at an advantage because they knew what direction that the North was heading in.