Mustang Message

September 1, 2017

A Principal's Perspective

What a great first week! A week of great expectations for a new year, anxiety of a storm, building new relationships, and charting a course for a successful year! Whew! Three day weekend, here we come!

I have been thinking about our speaker, Farouk Plummer. What resonated with me were his profound words for us as educators. "I believe the real problem is how students are taught, not how they are learning. The effect is not logically or naturally aligned with the cause. Each person learns differently and for different reasons. ... I was told I was lazy, slow, dumb. This message was on constant repeat from both my teachers and fellow classmates. I didn't feel like I belonged as a part of the community."

Our deep conversations that followed Farouk's time with us also made us think about all of our students, their journey, their stories that they bring with them to build a class community. We listed possible barriers for students not achieving. But we didn't dwell there. We listed how we can collectively overcome some of these barriers.

Suggested Strategies

  • Classroom model setup
  • Comfortable learning environment
  • Mistakes are OK
  • Risk-taking environment
  • Support at home/school
  • Teaching GRIT
  • Listen more, talk less

Think about your first week with your students. Have you been able to use some of the suggested strategies in your classroom as you foster a positive, class family? What is our "repeat" message to our students? How are we making sure that all of our students are part of our school community where they feel that they belong?

Be Innovative - Design the possibilities!


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Artwork sketched by Christian Parker of Farouk Plummer - August 25, 2017

Morning Duties of the Week

Morning Assembly (7:20): Wilson

Gym (7:20): Grant

Cafeteria (7:20): Marshall

Bus (7:15 - Buses/ Cafeteria after all buses arrive): Fortner

Parent Drop Off Direct Traffic (7:20): Miller

Parent Drop Off Car Doors (7:20): Bingaman & Lindner

Counselor Schedule: Visiting Classrooms

Librarian: at PC & GP

Week at a Glance

Campus Social Focus: Mustang Spirit (video link: ) S in Safety is the emphasis this week.

Tuesday: Kinder Color Days - Staff wears RED

Wednesday: New to GP Staff Meeting 3:30-4:30; Wear Orange

Thursday: Wear Yellow

Friday: Wear Green

News & Notes

Morning Arrival Notes:
  • Please move cars all the way to the first square. Parents/students walking from parking lot need to use the crosswalk and wait for the teacher to wave them across. Cars have priority so please have the cars pull through. When stopped, allow the walkers to cross. Teachers on duty, stay on duty until relieved by another staff member (about 7:55). Today the car line was done by 8:00!!! Yay!
  • If you have students going to PT or waiting for a bus to travel to another school, please remind them not to let bus/daycare riders in the building. We need a staff member to allow them into the building. I know they are trying to be very helpful.

Afternoon Dismissal Notes:

  • We have shaved about 25 minutes off of our time! Yesterday we were done by 3:32!!! Go Team!!!!

Reading & Math Logs:

Please encourage your students to turn in their summer reading and math logs to their homeroom teacher. Classroom teachers give to specialists by Friday, September 8th.

GP Social Dues: Dues are $25 for full-time, professional staff, $12.50 for part-time professional staff and $15 for paraprofessionals. Please pay your grade level Social Rep. Our goal is to collect all the dues by Tuesday, October 31st.

Ethics Training - Professional Staff

As you know the district is requiring ethics training for all CSISD professional staff. We are taking this step by step throughout the year. Please see below for September steps.

  1. Complete the teacher survey.
  2. Next step: Log into the system & enroll. Link:
  3. View the Introduction. Please complete this module by Sunday, October 8th.
  4. View Module One by Sunday, October 8th.

Helpful Links:

Registration & User Guide:

CSISD Ethics Training Timeline:


Evaluation Calendar Link:

First Step: Log into Talent Ed. How To Link:

Second Step: Complete the Goal Setting Template for the Beginning of the Year. Don't forget to click the submit button.

Goal Setting: Remember to concentrate on big "rock" goals - two-three goals. One goal designate as the goal that you would like coaching on and to SWIVL for personal feedback (returning GP teachers only). New teachers to GP will be coached by Brice or Miller.

Goal setting form and goal conference due by: Friday, September 18th. Goal setting conference will be informal.

ATR will follow the same process for completing goals. Note: Coaching & SWIVL not required but can be requested for professional growth.

Mustang Yee Haws!

Collin Littlefield, Ruth Littlefield's son, is completing a semester abroad while attending A&M.