Career Services: Resources

What does Career Services do?

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CareerQuest is UMUC’s Career Portal. This portal allows the user to access:
  • Job/internship board
  • Event calendar
  • Career tools
  • Set up career advising appointments
  • Webinar library
  • UMUC’s Career Mentor Program

CareerQuest is available for:

  • current students
  • alumni
  • faculty
  • staff

To access CareerQuest, use CareerQuest


  • A new UMUC program to help students get needed experience despite their busy lives. Opportunities include:

    • Projects

    • Virtual Internships

    • Volunteer Opportunities

    • Part-Time Employment

    • Staffing/Temp Agencies

    • Contractor Opportunities

    • Traditional (Full-Time) Internships

For more info, email

Career Mentor Program

  • Open to all students and alumni

    • Meetings can take place via in-person, video chat, or phone calls

    • Filter results based on professional interests

    • Filter based on military affiliation (branch, spouse, veteran, etc.)

    • Sign up via CareerQuest

  • Types of connections:

    • Flash Mentoring: One-time, 30-minute meeting

    • Longer Connection: 6-month mentorship with specific milestone reminders

  • Over 900 mentor volunteers


  • Outreach phone calls

    • Check in with alumni

    • Encourage volunteerism

    • Encourage use of Career Services (if needed)

    • Capture post-graduation outcomes

  • Alumni Communications

    • Monthly newsletter

    • Social Media

    • Website

    • Blog

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    • Mentor Program

    • Recruitment events (Career Fair)

    • Blog articles, panelists

  • Annual Alumni Awards Celebration

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