A Second Look

Mrs. Taylor's Weekly Newsletter

Happy December


I truly hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Ours was good. Justin, Cory, and I traveled to my dad's in Southeast, Kansas. We enjoyed playing football, fishing, riding horses, and of course food and family. December will go fast, so if you need anything, let me know.


Mrs. Taylor

Learning Topics

Weekly skills


Monday: Addition and Subtraction Story Problems

Tuesday: Building with Three Little Pigs

Wednesday: Bigger Unknown Word Problems

Thursday: Take from, Change Unknown Word Problems

Friday: Math Journals

Science/Social Studies:

Needs and Wants


"A Funny Dog for Ike"- a fiction story

"Smile Mike"- a fiction story

Daily Five (Read to Self, Read to Partner, Word Work, Writing, Listening:using the app RAZ KIDS)

Phonics Skill

i__e (long i as in Mike, like, mile, tile)

High Frequency words: call, how, more, funny, there, so

Trip to Food Pantry

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd, 2:30pm

Food Pantry

In conjunction with our needs and wants unit, we wanted to show the kids where all the food that we collected before Thanksgiving goes. We feel like this will make it more concrete to them. We are just going to walk down there if it is nice, so no need to worry about transportation.