Let's Get together

Women, stand up and make a change!

Its time to take a stand, and make a change! We have never gained true equality, but now is our time. It is unfair that we work equally has hard, but receive less then the men. Come support women and help bring notice to this dire situation, because our special day is today!

Feminist Rally

Friday, Apr 26th, 12-2pm

Chinatown Singapore

Are you tired of being treated unfairly and unequally? Then come out to Chinatown this friday and support women. It is time that we change the way we are treated and looked at. Women are strong independent, and hard workers, and it is time that everybody else recognizes that.

We need your help to show the world what we are made of!

12-12:30 Gathering

12:30-1 Speeches made by women

1-2 Rally (Bring signs)