World History: Chapter 1

RISE OF HUMANS By: Itati Moreno (Matthews)

Early Hominini

Lucy was an Australopithecus, shes bipedal. She never stood up right. Lucy looked a little more like an ape but Lucy also had a small brain. She had ape looking hand and feet. Also what i learned was about Homo Hablis was the first hominid to make tools, which his brain was slightly bigger than Lucy. He looked a little more human then Lucy because he had human looking feet and hand and he stood up a little higher than Lucy did, but he always started making tools to help him survive. The homo Sapians migrated out of Africa because a ice age caused Africa to dry up its like a savanna and there is no food or water which they moved to go get to survive. I also learned about Homo Erectus which they stood up straight with there long legs which made him/her run faster. To catch a animal or run away from one if in dangered.
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Lucy Hand ^

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Archaeologist as Detectives

Archaeologists look for artifacts. They look in sites that supported large sites or societies are most likely to have the most artifact,which they use a special tool to help them dig which is called a trowel which is a small handheld tool with a flat pointed blade used to apply or spread motor or plaster. They use them to remove a small amount of dirt and the dirt locates small items like bone shards or plot fragments. I also learned that you don't need to be a archaeologist to find artifact for example in France some teenagers where chasing their runaway dog into a cave and found a famous painting done lots of years ago.
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Tools of the Craft

A good digsite is found in sites that supported that are large sites or societies where there was water because they lived there and there most will likely be artifacts. The climate affects a dig site because if it's too hot or cold they still need to work to find artifacts. There are 6 kinds of artifacts they are fossils,pottery,tools,scolptures,art,and written records, But written records were most valuble because if a archaeology studys it closely and find out what hominini was like in their life time.