Learn to Grow with Vinyasa Flow

Join Dawn to on Sunday, November 4th 10:00 - 11:30 for Yoga 101 to:

Learn the foundations of Hot Vinyasa and Slow Flow, the deep lineage and tradition of their creation.

Explore how and why these classes balance and strengthen your body, allowing you to continue doing the activities in life you love to do.

Discover the body-mind connection that these classes create to help you strengthen your nervous system that results in a more peaceful, productive, nonreactive mind.

Experience the boundless possibilities these classes open so you may create healing, compassion and love for the quality of life that you deserve.

Cost: $18.75* for Members ($26.25* non-members)

Please register prior to the start date of the workshop with the Activities desk.

* The workshop fee for non-members after entering the club (via day pass or member guest pass) is $17.50 per every one hour of workshop (e.g., a two hour workshop is $35). LT bucks cannot be applied to Yoga Workshops and Intensives. Yoga workshops are free to those with a Diamond level membership. However, in order to reserve your place in the workshop, please register by contacting the Member Services Desk to register. To enhance our member experience we allow a maximum of twenty participants.