Costume Scene Investigation

Classical Greek and Roman

Men's Garments

Long broad striped tunics made of undyed wool.

They wore togas and stola if they are married.

Wore robes.

Women's garments

classical greek and roman

Besides tunics, women wore a simple garment known as a stola.

The tunica was usually knee-length. Over this the woman wore a stola which was a full length from neck to ankle high waisted and fastened at the shoulders with clasp. The stola was usually either white, brown, or gray, though some were brightly colored with vegetable dyes. A shawl, called a palla, was worn wrapped around the shoulders and arms, or could be drapped over the head. Cloaks were worn to keep warm.


  • hair nets of solid gold
Woman wore solid gold hair nets and would wear hair pins made of bone to keep thier hair up.
  • Armor hats
Men wore armor hats to protect them in fights.(Like a helmet)


  • leather shoes
  • sandals tied around the ankle
  • uper class sandals

Colored shoes made from leather, uper class wore red shoes. Both men and woman wore leather sandles around the ankle.


  • gold jewelry
  • armlets
  • gold rings