January 2016


Art-Marie Yarnell and Krista Geier

Music-Katie Lavigne and Glenn Schuster

Physical Education-Jacob Breunig and Eric Scheunemann

This newsletter is to help you stay connected to what is happening in the Grand Avenue Specials. The Specials are composed of Music, Art and Physical Education, each student has each specials class twice a week. We hope that you find the information useful and please feel free to contact your student's Specials teacher with questions or concerns.



Fifth Grade: During December the fifth grade artists created quilled snowflakes for their concert backdrop. As we transition into January artists are starting to work on their artwork for the GSPIE Square One Art fundraiser. They are creating abstract designs based on the artwork of Sonia Delaunay. Using rulers and compasses artists will draw concentric circles and straight lines. The final designs will be colored with marker using a color scheme selected by the student. You will receive more information about this fundraiser from GSPIE In March.

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Fourth Grade: Fourth grade artists finished their 13 moon calendar necklaces and started working on artwork for the GSPIE Square One Art fundraiser. You will receive more information about this fundraiser from GSPIE In March. For this project artists are painting birch tree forests with watercolor paint. Through this process they learned a variety of watercolor techniques and how to make neutral colors by mixing complementary colors.
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Third Grade: In December students learned how to roll slabs of clay, mold or sculpt clay and paint small details to create adorable snowmen. A special thank you to GSPIE for the funds to cover the clay cost. As we transition into the new year students will be working on art for the GSPIE Square One Art fundraiser.
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‚ÄčThis past month the Fifth graders have prepared and performed a successful December concert. At the same time the third and fourth graders were singing a lot of music of the season, saw and discussed Peter Tchailovsky's ballet," The Nutcracker." We also sang music from Botswana and listened to Johannes Brahms's "Wiegenlied" (Lullaby)‚Äč.


What we worked on in December:

  • Students worked on improving their Jump Rope skills. We include this unit because it works on improving our agility, is a good cardiovascular endurance activity, and it builds bone density. Students work individually during this unit through a progression of jumping skills.
  • Winter Wonderland Stations were a hit again! Check out the video to see one of the fun stations students were able to enjoy.
  • We learned a lot at our training about how to use the heart rate monitors to help students assess their health and effort. Ask your son or daughter about how they use the heart rate monitors to assess their health and effort, they have learned a lot.
Winter Wonderland
What we will be working on in January:

  • We will begin to focus on developing our cooperation, communication, and teamwork skills.
  • 3rd graders will work through a new activity each week to accomplish this. They will use Mission Impossible, Chinese Jump Rope, and Bowling to help us work on developing our team building skills.
  • 4th and 5th graders will be work through physical challenges with the team they are given for three weeks.
  • Also we will begin to discuss our upcoming Ski Trip with the 4th and 5th graders!