Run for the Arts

Watch me run Chinatown & help me raise money for the arts

Tea at 1024 is Running for the Arts

For the last 18 years I have been a part of a growing community of entrepreneurs and artisans who have shaped the Arts District of Honolulu and it's home to my baby, Tea at 1024.

This year we are adding the Hallowballo 'Marathon' (a costume fun run not an actual marathon) to raise much needed funds for several non-profits. I have chosen to raise funds for the renovations for the ARTS at Mark's Garage through the Hawaii Academy of Performing Arts.

There's two ways you can get involved:

1. Watch me run around Chinatown and help me raise money by making a donation here, no amount is too small. 100% of your donation goes directly to the Hawaii Academy of Performing Arts.

2. Join the fun and do the run with me by joining the team. Click here for information on how to get involved.

The Arts and Culture are an expression of who we are as a society. It's a combination of our history viewed through the lens of the world today, thus bringing life to culture.

Help me bring life to culture donate today. Click here.


Michele Henry Sorensen

Tea at 1024

Arts at Mark's Garage

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Help support the Arts

"The days when the arts were considered frivolous are over. Creativity is the key to the new economy and society now demands innovation. The most direct path to creativity and innovation is through the arts.

Over the past 13 years The ARTS at Marks Garage has hosted 150 gallery exhibits, 2,000 performances, 4,000 public events, 2,500 visual artists, 10,000 performers, 120 First Fridays and 390,000 visitors: the equivalent of every single person in the City of Honolulu, from Sandy Beach to Aloha Stadium. And now we need your help to make some renovations.

Last year The ARTS at Marks Garage attracted forty-five thousand people for lectures, workshops, screenings, exhibits and performances. We were listed as the top gallery in Honolulu by The Culture Trip, TripAdvisor’s FlipKey, and National Geographic online. This is one of the only places in town where you can you can watch a performance, or perform on stage. You can see an exhibit, or have an exhibit of your own.

With your support, Marks will thrive for the next generation. We will replace our 13-year-old folding chairs, renovate our 20-year-old cubicles, and upgrade our 50-year-old lighting equipment. Your contribution is an investment in your own experience: comfortable chairs, better stage lighting, and a more flexible theater space. The ARTS at Marks Garage brings you:

• Free Exhibits: 12 community-driven exhibits in a 1,000 square foot gallery with FREE admission.
• Youth Programs: 130 classes a year of creative after-school programs for at-risk teens.
• Performances: 100-seat black box theater with over 150 shows per year.
• Business Incubator: Collaborative workspace for 30 creative industries including individuals, & nonprofits.
• Artists Lofts: 13 multicultural & multimedia live/work spaces on Hotel Street.
• First Friday Honolulu: Chinatown’s most popular event co-founded by HAPA staff in 2003.
• Festivals: including Mardi Gras/Carnaval, & Hallowballoo produced by Marks Partners.
• Visitor Center: Concierge for over 80 unique owner-operated neighborhood businesses.

How much are we talking about? We are looking for $23,000 to support renovations."