Two types of Therapy!

Behavioral Vs. CBT Therapy-similar & differences

Similarities and Differences Between behavioral & CBT

* Behavioral therapies primary focus is the manipulation of the external environment and physiological internal environment to cause behavior change.


- systematic desensitization

- exposure & response therapy

- behavioral modification

- Flooding

- Operant & Covert conditioning

- Observational learning

- Contingency management

- habit reversal training

- Social Skills training

Therapy for Procrastination

I would personally use CBT for Procrastination

Focus on progress NOT perfection

it is always more important to get it started whatever it is your having troubles with instead of the focus being on perfection.

Self Reward

praising yourself or who ever has the issue for each step they have accomplished, this increases positive behaviors and accolades.

Be Willing to learn

I can revise my (your) behavior, and if I start and discover I am not doing well then I can learn from this.

CBT Techniques for Anxiety Disorders
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