Digital Citizenship Project

Kevin T. P.4

What is Digital Citizenship and Why is it important?

Digital citizenship is how you and other people should act online. First, be respectful to other people when your online you have to remember that their is another behind that screen that has feelings too. Last, why is digital citizenship is important. It's important because you can lose jobs and friends if you don't have digital citizenship.

7 ways to show Digital Citizenship

  1. Be Respectful and nice: Always use manners when online before you say something think about it and see if it is nice before you send it. Think if you would like if someone sent that to you.
  2. Do not share personal information: When your on a website do not share personal information. For example address, credit card number, email or anything else unless you know it's real.
  3. Think before you post: Do not post anything that is hurtful to anyone. It can also hurt your job.
  4. Be private: Do not share anything about yourself on a online network. Such as a screen name, do not put your real name in your screen name or your age where you live or when you were born.
  5. Do not cyberbully someone: Always be nice online if you cyberbully you can have bad things happen. You can be charged with harassment.
  6. Do not become a plagiarist : Never copy anyone's work when your online. If you do you can get a F in your class and fail. Always cite your source and quote your work.
  7. Do not copy someones work: If you copy someones work you can get into copy right laws and you can get sued and pay a lot of money if that happens you would have to take to that person if you want to use their work.