took place in germany/austria

The holocaust

the holocaust took place in Germany from January 30 1933 to may the 8th 1945 the holocaust was all about Hitler he wanted to kill all the Jews not just Jews if you were disabled or sick and didn't have blond hair or blue eyes you were killed. Hitler apporximently killed about 6milloin Jews.

by 1993 almost 500,000 jews escaped and migrated from Germany because of Hitler. his ss group use to train there new guards by encouraging them to set people on fire when there alive he usually did that to children.

how did the Germans no if u were Jewish? by 1940 all Jewish had to had there passport stamped with the letter j and there star of David was worn on the there jackets

how did hitler kill the jews

Hitler collected all the Jews and told them that im taking you to a new town but unfortunately he took them to concentration camps sights. Hitler treated everyone in the camp sights really bad they weren't feed good they had to wear shoes and wear blue and white stripe clothing. the Jews were told to go in and have showers so Jews couldn't believe them self's having showers but it wasn't showers it was gas chambers he killed like 150 people in just like 15min then after that he would burn them and get the next group into the gas chambers. he would also kill the Jews by shooting them or starvation witch he wouldn't feed them so they died. the jews were in a really poor condition they were naked, dirty and they smelt really bad so they looked like animals which helped to reinforce the Nazi propaganda.

nazi propaganda

propaganda is the spreading of fake lies to convince people. Hitler was able to win over the German people to the Nazi cause through the use of propaganda. he told the German people wanted to hear that

.the jews were responsible for Germanys defeat in ww1

.the jews preferred communism as a system of government.

The end of the holocaust

By the end of 1948 and 1951 almost 700,000 jews moved to Israel and 136,000 Jewish displaced persons from Europe

change of tactics einsatzgruppen

the jews were taken to deserted areas where they had to dig up there own grave and then shot to the head. the ss group shot lots of Jewish people in the streets so they started running out off bullets of how much people they killed a day and so they started to use flame throwers to burn there victims.

prelude to the final solution

when Hitler got all his power in 1933 he used his new powers under the enabling law to begin his attack on jews. by 1938 the attack from the Nazi has changed everything by making it violent with Himmler launching kristallnacht on the 11th of November 1938.

what happend to jews when they left germany?

the jewish people had to leave Germany because at the time all jewish were wanted so what they did the Germans they broke the jewish houses and shops and sold there shops for cheap money which jewish could do nothing about it. jewish people sold there kids to German people for slavery so they don't die and can live with food but later on the Germans killed the kid and then they by a new kid for slavery which was very cheap to buy. German people sold the jewish furniture and basically sold everything that jewish owned.