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A religious and philosophical movement that developed during the late 1820s and '30s in the Eastern region of the United States as a protest against the general state of spirituality.

Utopian Movement

In the same spirit as the other reform movements, more than 100,000 American men, women, and children between 1820 and 1860 searched for alternative lifestyles. They wanted to find ideal society. Disenchanted with the world around them, they hoped to create their perfect society by building experimental communities. Most of the people had short lifespans, and the utopians performed their experiments in isolation from the rest of society, yet they all expressed the deep desire of perfectionism.

Brook Farm

Brook Farm was to combine the thinker and the worker, to guarantee the greatest mental freedom, and to prepare a society of liberal, cultivated persons, whose relations with each other would permit a more wholesome and simpler life that could be led amid the pressure of competitive institutions.
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Transcendentalist authors

Noah Webster- Noah Webster was born in West Hartford. He believed fervently in the developing cultural independence of the United States.

Edgar Allan Poe- In 1827, he moved to Boston and enlisted in the United States Army. After serving in the Army he was admitted to the United States Military Academy.

Henry D. Thoreau- Am American author, poet, Philosopher, Abolitionist, Naturalist, Tax Resister, Development Critic, Surveyor, and Historian.