Penn State University

By: Zach McGuire, Jessenia Morales, and Colton McDaniel

Penn State Nittany Lions Fight Song (The Nittany Lion,Victory,Fight On, State)

The PSU fight song

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Penn State is an amazing school with great Financial Aid, Athletics, Academics, and food,so you should strive for Penn State. There are so many great things going on there and so may great people who care about helping you succeed

Financial Aid

Penn State's Financial Aid is impeccable. The cost of Penn State may be pricey at first but after you contact Financial Aid the cost becomes no problem.

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Athletic's at Penn State pride in being great. They have a wide variety of sports that are great for everyone. There are many players who go on to make great Adults. Penn State is in the Big 10 conference.
Rutgers at Penn State - Football Highlights
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A notable Nittany Lion is Cameron Wake who pursues his career as a defensive end in the National Football League (NFL).
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The academics at Penn State are amazing. The teachers are very skilled, and are prepared to help you along your journey to the workforce.
We have many great facilities for an astronomical amount of majors.

Food Plans

There is a large number of restaurants covered by the food plan and many more on campus and nearby.
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Campos Philly Cheese steak

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Show your school spirit with PSU burgers

The City

In Pennsylvania the city is one beautiful place. There are fun things to do for everyone. There is shopping, historic places, and sports teams.
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