A Little Dobbs, Will Do Ya

October 14, 2016


This week we read a multitude of books. We read about the changing seasons. We started a discussion of what the leaves look like at this time of the year. After reading Leaf Man, the children are excited to see what they can make with their own leaves! We read:

  • Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf
  • Leaves
  • The Leaves on the Trees
  • Leaf Man

We have also been discussing sight words and we used this week as a review of those words and an opportunity to develop an understanding of why sight words can be important to us. Sight words are basic words that are repeated again and again and children begin to recognize them by sight. We read simple, predictable books that helped us realize the importance of sight words because we found so many of them! This is helping your child develop an intrinsic want to learn these words, they are realizing it makes it easier to read when you can quickly recognize a word!

We read:

  • There's a Spider on the Floor
  • Smarty Pants
  • Do You Want to Be My Friend
  • From Head to Toe

We also learned a fun new poem full of rhyming ways to say good-bye. Ask your amazing little one a rhyming way to say good-bye!

A few standards that were touched on this week:

  • RL.K.4: ask and answer questions about unknown words in text
  • RL.K.7: describe the relationship between illustrations and the story
  • RF.K.2b: count and segment syllables in spoken words
  • RF.K.3c: read common high frequency words

Project Development

We continued our study of the platypus and began constructing him.

The children first made a list of all the different parts we need to make and signed up for the part they wanted to work on. The children started constructing his body today. This involved lots of trial and error and lots of communicating with friends. The children had to work together to express their ideas and come up with a plan together. They also had to deal with the frustration of some ideas not working. The children then discussed what went wrong and how to correct the problem. This is such an amazing process to watch your children work through.

We have also started another ambitious project. We had lots of chairs and benches being built in our block center. After some discussion, the children decided they want to build a bench for outside. We started with a very simple question of how many friends do we want to sit on our bench. They first consensus was 10 children but when we lined them up, we decided that would make our bench too long, so we took a vote. The children decided our bench will hold 6 children.

Now for the fun part: the children are charting what we need to know about building to construct this bench. They have decided we need to have a building expert come in to talk to us about the steps we need to follow to make a bench. If anyone knows a builder (especially one who specializes in furniture) we would love the opportunity to interview him!

Just a few of the standards touched on during project time are:

  • K-G4: Identify shapes as two dimensional or three dimensional
  • Science 5: Construct a model of a natural habitat
  • K-OA2: solve addition and subtraction problems
  • SL.K.3: Ask and answer questions in order to seek help, get information, or clarify something that is not understood.
  • K-MD1: Describe measurable attributes of object and describe several measures attributes of a single object.

Our bench building....


Now that everyone has shared for journal time, the children are now able to sign up to share when they have an exciting event happen .

This week we wrote about:

  • Mrs. Dobbs went to the beach and dug a hole.
  • Reid went to a Day with Thomas and got to ride on the train.
  • Sam went to Lego World. He rode on a dragon ride.
  • Kaleb went to the beach. His family rode bikes that floated on the water!
  • Caspian rode a motorcycle with his dad!
  • Ella had a ballet recital and got flowers
  • Kylie went to Party City and Zaxby's

Classroom Needs

Dates to Remember

  • October 30: Mrs. Dobbs' Class Get Together 3-5
  • November 11: Veteran's Day (no school)
  • November 14: Spirit Night at Summer's Place
  • November 16: Field Trip to see Pete the Cat
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