Torn Notebook

Lincoln NE

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In 1986, former Sheldon director George Neubert first contacted pop-artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen about commisioning a large sculpture for UNL. Now there is a huge notebook on UNL campus. In Lincoln the piece is featured on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln University campus. The words in this piece are chacteristics or symbols of Nebraska, like barbed wire or goose. This process took 10 years to make and many more to think of what to make.

What drove Oldenburg

Oldenburg always liked driving threw Nebraska cause it wasn't a boring state. Oldenburg thought of these words while driving through Nebraska and writing them down as he saw them. He likes to make his pieces personal to the viewers. Since he made that sculpture that is a great attraction for Lincoln NE.

My opinion

I really like this piece. The form of this piece is very precise all of the curves and edges. I like how the words on it are harder to read so you have to really pay attention to see what it says. I think it is the perfect piece for the University because of how The personality of Nebraskans. The shadows are shown very well.

Brett Meyer