Destiny in Old English

Multigenre Pieces from Beowulf & Canterbury Tales

Dear reader,

My name is Madison Gregory and these are my multigenre project pieces. They all may appear different, but contain a similar theme. The theme I have chosen is "fate & destiny." One thing I have learned to do that pertains to this project is how to connect. Although some of the aspects of my projects were not alike, I had to make them all fit my chosen theme. One thing I did well in this project is pick a theme and keep it connecting. I was worried that whichever theme I chose would not fit well for both stories. One thing that challenged me in this project was choosing how to interpret each project. I had trouble decideing which project I wanted to draw and which I wanted to a written literature for. If I had to do a project like this in the future, I would definely decide earlier and set more time to do the pieces.

Thank you.

Madison Gregory


Beowulf the Great

Once upon a time

A hero came to save

A city needing saved of crime

The situation was grave

Would fate let this be?

Only time will tell

Is it Beowulf’s destiny

He must go to where the monster dwells

He arrived on the scene

Prayed to his God

Oh boy, Grendel was mean

Turns out he was flawed

Beowulf struck with all of his might

Using his sword of fate

He actually won the fight!

Beowulf became Beowulf the great!

List A Letter

Dear Mother,

It is I, Grendel. There’s a man after me. His name is Beowulf. Beware of Beowulf. He knows I am a monster and he has taken my confidence away. He is from far away and has more strength than any other. He seems to have supernatural help for he is sure to defeat me. I will continue to try my best in hopes of yet another victory. Maybe it is fate that I shall soon pass. Maybe it fate that I will succeed. I must do as I can to protect myself from those who hate me, as I always have. If Beowulf does get the best of me I ask you avenge my death mother. His men sleep in the town. Take the lives of those who serve him. If he wants to fight, lure him to your lair. You have an advantage in the water. Send the monsters of the swamp to fight him. He is strong mother so be ready. I hope I do not let you down. For the world does not understand me and with Beowulf the people may overtake me. Only time will tell. I hope to see soon mother. I miss you so.

Your loving son,



This piece is a letter from the Beowulf character Grendel to his

Mother. Grendel was going to be murdered by Beowulf and he knew it. Although Grendel was a monster of a character, he may have been misunderstood by those around him. The story tells of him as a child and of his wonderful curiousness. Later on he left home and transitioned into the monster he was infamously known to be.

List B Picture

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Canterbury Tales

There are three bad men, one old man, and death. The bad men are in red to repress their evils. The humble old man is is in blue to represent his good character. Lastly, death is in black because he is death. No matter how good or bad the character, because of their fate they all will still go to death so he is in the middle. In the story the three greedy men found gold by a tree so that is drawn on their side.