What Your Librarian Can Do For You!

the stress-free way to lighten your work load

Feeling overwhelmed? Kids struggling with a concept you've worked on for weeks? Need new resources to spice up your instruction? Looking for a tech tool for collaboration or presentation? The answer is right here in the library!

You need__________, I can_________.

  • You are introducing or reviewing a literacy skill or concept. I can reinforce what you are teaching during library.
  • You need resources. I can pull appropriate print titles from our library, other district libraries, or public libraries, find online resources or Web sites, and look for primary sources to make concepts come alive.
  • You are conducting research. I can use library time or collaborative time to work with students on search strategies, resource evaluation, note taking, information synthesis, and bibliography.
  • You are looking for a unique and creative way for students to share knowledge. I have a ton of ideas, digital or otherwise, that we can explore in library or during collaborative time.
  • You would like a specific resource that we do not currently have at Kresson. I will put it on my wish list, and if I can't purchase it this year, I'll order it for next year.
You can email me, stop by the library, catch me as you drop off your class, or send a student with a sticky note! Your message does not have to be long and involved; short and sweet will usually work.
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