Where is middle earth?

Colombia, South America


Here I provided a picture of the Santa Marta mountains found in Colombia. The landscape is hilly and full of valleys and rivers. There are also some flat lands as well as low basins.


In Colombia there primary language is Spanish, Spanish is fluently spoken throughout most parts of the world. As most parts of the world do they have a secondary language of English.


The culture of Colombia is pretty much like any Spanish region. They have many festivals and different types of celebrations that are often similar to Mexico and Spain's same festivities.
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Above is a picture that reminds me of the hobbit with the farming techniques as well as just the overall look

As you can tell you can get a pretty clear vision of the hobbit or at least a view of what I imagine the Middle earth looks like. Very open and with lots of rolling hills and mountains and plenty of green areas. Which Colombia has. They have plenty other things that add to the effect of the novel to make it seem more real. When i see pictures of Colombia i immediately think of Middle earth or something mythical like it.
Obviously if you are not persuaded by now you need to be. Colombia has the BEST land to perfectly in vision middle earth. it looks almost exactly like middle earth. Colombia is a great choice to be middle earth. Also its very stable. its not a country falling apart and its not going to just erupt on their land. both their government and their country are highly stable.
Visit Colombia - Great Colombian Landscapes - A country to Visit.
above is a video showcasing lots of Colombian landscapes.