Samuel De Champlain


Review on Samuel De Champlain

1. Samuel married a 12 year old girl

2.Samuel found Quebec in 1608

3.Samuel was an intense map maker

4.Samuel had over 7 jobs

5.A guy named Lake Smith wanted to kill Samuel de Champlain

What did Samuel do in Quebec

1.After the trading post Champlain loved Quebec

2.No later did Quebec become Canada

3.When Samuel found Quebec he never wanted to leave

4.Quebec was soon taken from the English

5.When Samuel was taken to prison he came back to Quebec and rebuilt as much as he could

Why Samuel became an explorer

1.Samuel was in the army to help the French

2.Samuel father taught Samuel how to navigate ships

3.Samuel mapped as much as he can of what is now Canada

How did Samuel De Champlain become famous

1.Samuel loved to voyage

2.a lot of time he sailed as a captain or navigator to explore the place

3.after going back and forth he finally convinced the French to come to Quebec

4.Samuel was mainly known for governing Quebec

Fun facts in Samuel De Champlain

1.he was important for administering the french colonies to Quebec

2.Champlain had arrived back to Quebec after staying in prison for 4 year

3.Samuel made his first voyage to north america

4.Samuel had sold a man

Samuel de Champlains Jobs

1.french navigator







8.founder of Quebec city

why samuel had come to quebec

samuel had come to quebec because he had found Quebec.He made sure he put a trading post to make sure he had found quebec and nobody else.He governed Quebec and had french colonies come to Quebec He had made Quebec a whole new world.
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