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Week of 5/11/2020 - E-Learning Week 8

Keep up the Great Work!

Sharing My Heart

I know these past 8 weeks have had many ups and downs. We are all feeling strong emotions and handling this pandemic and quarantine in our own ways. I can't begin to describe how challenging it has been to transition to teaching band online. It's not natural and goes against so much of what we feel music is all about. We are missing the collaboration, teamwork, and connection we get to experience every day in class. It's just plain hard.

Recently, we have heard many people expressing a lack of motivation to practice and a struggle to regain the passion they've previously had for playing their instrument in band. I want to encourage all of you to wait before making any big decisions about band and music. For our 6th graders, they've missed out on all of the fun and payoff that comes at the end of a year of band instruction. It's really hard not to feel disappointed when they didn't get to experience their first contest, first band field trip, first spring concert, first solo contest, and more. Please remember that we WILL get to be together again and we WILL get to make music as a group, and we WILL get to perform and compete and travel. It might take longer than we want, but doing band the way we have been is only temporary. Be patient with yourself (students) and know that no matter how you are feeling right now, it will get better!

For our 7th graders, we worked so hard on our UIL music and didn't get a chance to perform it. Wind Symphony never even got to attend Pre-UIL. We missed our trips to Cici's, Pinstack, and our spring concert with awards and inevitable tears (from me, always). You know what to expect from your beginner year and were looking forward to all the fun that comes at the end of the year. BUT - you will have another chance next year. You will get to be the LEADERS and carry us through new experiences. You will create a new legacy for the Hudson Band!

8th graders, there's so much to say to you. In band, we are so lucky that we get to teach you for 3 years. We have a different relationship with you than most teachers and get to see you really grow up and mature. You've put so much into this band program and I am so sorry that you didn't get to have your last hoorah! I am so incredibly proud of all of you and have been thinking back to when you were 6th graders. You have come so far! You are an amazing group of students and you will be sorely missed! You have left a wonderful legacy at our school and have shown great leadership this year. Please enjoy high school and come back to say goodbye to us when you can! We love you!

One thing I keep thinking about is how much music has meant to the world during this time. It seems everywhere we turn there are specials on TV celebrating front line workers through song, virtual bands/choirs performing beautiful music online, and everything else in between. The world needs music - it's how we connect to each other when words aren't enough. It helps us feel stronger and hopeful when we are struggling and it's the best way to celebrate our triumphs. Think about it and just know YOU ARE IMPORTANT. No matter how great (or not) you feel about your own playing right now, you can bring JOY to others. Music matters.


Mrs. Becker

Instrument/Materials Return

As per Ms. Hope's email, please come to the back of the school/backdoor access point of the band hall on your assigned day and time.

Tuesday 5/19

Last name A-E 9:00-11:00

Last name F-J 11:00-1:00

Wednesday 5/20

Last name K-O 9:00-11:00

Last name P-S 11:00-1:00

Thursday 5/21

Last name T-Z 9:00-11:00

This is the same place where you picked up instruments previously. We will have a designated place on the sidewalk where you can drop off/pick up things, and still maintain social distancing. The band directors will be wearing masks and gloves to ensure safety. Now for grade level specifics:

8TH GRADERS- TURN IN ALL HMS INSTRUMENTS. Please remove all personal items prior to coming to school. We'll miss you! Gook luck next year! For high school instrument information, please contact the band director of your chosen high school.

7TH GRADERS- YOU WILL KEEP YOUR HMS INSTRUMENTS. Please continue to practice and take private lessons over the summer break so we can come back strong!!!! We miss you too!

6TH GRADERS- TURN IN ALL HMS INSTRUMENTS. Tubas, Euphoniums, Horns, and Bassoons, we will have an upgraded instrument for you to exchange. Oboes please keep your current instrument. Keep practicing and taking lessons! We miss you too!

ANYONE MOVING OR NOT CONTINUING IN BAND AT HUDSON - Please return your HMS instrument. Failure to return school owned instruments may result in grades and transcripts being withheld.


MISCELLANEOUS INFO- If you still have a school-issued contest uniform (black dress or tux pants/vest/tie) they must be returned as well. If you are not continuing in band and want to donate your band book (Sound Innovations or Foundations for Superior Performance) we will gladly accept your donation. We will also accept donations of tuners and pickups if you would like to donate them as well.

**If you have questions about whether or not your instrument needs to be returned, please contact Mr. Urban @**

Take Some Time to Laugh and Smile

Awards are Coming!

We are still giving out our end of the year awards! Plaques and trophies have been ordered. As always, we had some TOUGH choices to make as we decided who our Outstanding Musicians are for this year. Thank you for making the decision so hard every year. We have so many deserving students!

Be ready on Friday, May 15 - you never know if you'll be receiving an award!



Hudson MS Band Virtual Meeting Links

1. Go to

2. Click on + Join or Start a Meeting

3. Type in your class nickname and click continue

**Mrs. Becker and/or Mr. Urban have to start the meeting for the nickname to work. Be patient. We start them 5-10 minutes prior to the assigned time.**

Mrs. Becker’s Class Meetings:

Wind Symphony - Mondays from 9:30-10:05am

Class Nickname: HMSWindSym

Symphonic/Concert Band - Mondays from 10:15-10:45am

Class Nickname: SymphHMS

Beginner Flutes, Double Reeds, Clarinets, Saxes, Percussion - Tuesdays from 10:00-10:30am

Class Nickname: BegBandHMS

Mr. Urban’s Class Meetings:

Honors Band - Mondays from 10:00-10:45am

Class Nickname: hmshonorsband

Beginner Trumpets - Tuesday from 10:00-10:25am

Class Nickname: hmstrumpets

Beginner Trombones - Tuesdays from 10:30-10:55am

Class Nickname: hmstrombones

Beginner Tubas/Euphoniums - Tuesdays from 11:00-11:25am

Class Nickname: hmstubas

Beginner French Horns - Tuesdays from 11:30-11:55am

Class Nickname: hmshorns

OPTIONAL FULL BAND MEETINGS - Fridays - 10:00-10:30am

**There is an OPTIONAL FULL BAND meeting on FRIDAYS to get help with assignments or answer questions from 10:00-10:30am.**

Class Nickname: HudsonHawkBand

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