Mentor Newsletter

Fall 2015 - Volume 1: Starting School

Welcome to the Mentor Program!

We are here to guide and support you. Our goal is to ensure that you are providing the best possible first instruction to students. It has been our pleasure to work with you all during this first month of school. This monthly newsletter has been created to give you ideas for your classroom and various resources. We will also include highlights from our visits including photographs, lesson plans and learning targets. Best of luck to you on your new adventure in the teaching profession!

Karen & Tara

Educator Highlights

Mr. Krueger's Classroom

Students in 8th grade music class at Franklin Middle School are learning how to play the guitar. Mr. Krueger is currently emphasizing how important music can be in the lives of his students. This month his learning targets include the following "I can statements".

I Can…

Identify the parts of the guitar

Describe or demonstrate syncopation

Identify the strings of the guitar

Play notes on the e-string

Play notes on the B-string

Switch between notes on the e and B-string

Use the notes on the e-string and the b-string to compose a song using predetermined rhythms.

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A look into a co-taught class with Mrs. Grandits & Mr. Licata

Students in 11th grade ELA at Kenmore West High School are in the process of discussing and writing about whether or not "intelligence or grit" make someone successful in life. Students are comparing and contrasting articles to form their own opinion and present in the form of a written piece. One of the articles read by students can be found at the following site.

8th Grade Science!

Students in Arianna Ferri's Science classes at Kenmore Middle School are learning about the metric system. Some of her checks for understanding and learning targets are posted below.
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