Team 5-3 Newsletter

Mrs. Ahlfeld & Mr. Cortelyou

Important Announcements and Reminders

  • After School Activity: 6th grade Girls Basketball Game on Wednesday February 3rd; permission slips and $1.00 are due in advance.
  • YEARBOOKS: Today is the last day to be entered in the $50 drawing for ordering a yearbook early. Paper forms will be accepted until next Wednesday, February 3rd, and online orders will be accepted through February 29th. The online link to order yearbooks is below. If the link does not work for you, please copy and paste it into your browser.

  • Counselor's Week: Next week is counselor's week and we want to thank Mrs. Baker for all of the wonderful things she does for 5th graders and the awesome resource she is to us. We happen to know she has a sweet tooth, so we are collecting candy to help her to remember to “Keep Calm and Eat Candy”. If you are running errands and would like to pick up a box or bag of candy to contribute to her gift, please send it in with your child by Wednesday, February 3rd so we can combine the sweets and give them to Mrs. Baker on Thursday.

  • BIZTOWN: The BizTown Field Trip will be Tuesday, Feb 24th. Permission slips have been sent home. An email was sent today with information about being a chaperone on the trip.
  • Next Friday, February 5th is a 1/2 day.

Language Arts


  • We will be reading two Achieve 3000 articles in class this week.
  • Students will need to complete a second article at home. New Smart Phone Passes Apple is the article that needs to be completed for homework.
  • Directions are in the ANNOUNCEMENTS section of Blackboard. There is also a preview PowerPoint under the Reading Tab in Blackboard. Students should preview this before completing the article.
  • Please continue to encourage reading a home!

  • We will continue to read and discuss Opinion articles in class. Students will also respond to several Opinion prompts in their Writer's Notebook.

Social Studies

  • Our focus next week will be on the Work Readiness Unit for BizTown.
  • Students will also be preparing for the BizTown Interviews that will take place on Friday, February 5th. Thank you to all the parents that volunteered to help out with the interviews!


Next week we will study how the Earth gets its 4 seasons based on the tilt of its axis. We will also start discussing shadows and how the positioning of the sun at different times of the day affect the length of a shadow.

Students submitted their moon calendar today in-class after filling it out for 28 straight days. We will be studying the moon in greater detail in 2 weeks.

AdvMath 6th Grade (Block A)

Complex word problems continue to be our focus to start class. We do several multi-step brain teasers each day.

We will continue to work with fractions, percents, and decimals as it relates to Chapter 4 in the sixth grade curriculum. Also, we will be preparing for our Field Trip to Biztown by doing a financial literacy unit.

VMath: 100 minutes is due Sunday @ midnight.

Regular Math BLOCK B

Students took a major math test today over Chapters 9 and 10 on fraction concepts and adding/subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. Look for these scores to be posted soon. We will focus next week on our Field Trip to Biztown by doing a financial literacy unit.

VMath: 100 minutes is due Sunday @ midnight.

Related Arts Schedule (February 1st - February 5th)

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Art

Friday: Art