a portable computer


ipads are terrific for creativity examples of things you can do on ipads are to make fotobabbles, pic collages, garageband, imovie and Haiku.


When using fotobabble you can take pictures and choose the option to record yourself talking wile you see the picture you took. It's useful if you are talking about a subject to inform someone about.

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is a place where you can take pictures of objects and people and put them on a page. You can also put in texts to tell the people looking at your collage what is happening in the photo.


Garageband is where you select a tune or a sound or a person singing and put it all in a clutter to make cool and catchy songs. You can have a guitar sound or drums almost every instrument ever and put it all together.


On iMovie you can make trailers, commercials, movies, pretty much every thing having to do with videos. Also you can select from different songs and sounds and put it with your iMovie.


Haiku is an ipad app that lets you make poetry and literature. It is used for entertainment and informing.