Procrastination and Helpful Therapy

Behavior and Cognitive Therapy, Who does it better?

Behavior and Cognitive Therapy Goals

Behavior Therapy goal for procrastination is to increase the personal choice to create new conditions for learning. This makes the procrastinator take an active role in developing their own treatment plan.

Cognitive Therapy goal is teach the procrastinator how to separate the evaluation of their behaviors from the evaluation of themselves. This therapy is similar to Behavior Therapy because the procrastinator also gets to choose their own goals and set up a plan of action.

The goals being somewhat similar makes these two excellent to work together especially for a avid procrastinator. Behavior therapy can be the driving force to get a plan of action while at the same time Cognitive therapy makes sure the avid procrastinator makes realistic goals and makes sure that the procrastinator stays positive. The procrastinator can only go up from here!

What is different?

Behavior Therapy incorporates positive and negative reinforcements which will influence a procrastinators behavior. Example would be you as the procrastinator struggling at the last minute to finish a assignment will make you stress out. From this you will learn a negative reinforcement because you stressed at the last minute and got a good grade anyway. This teaches you its okay to wait til the last minute.

Cognitive Therapy is all about getting a close relationship in order for this therapy to work and involves your quality world which is your dream world. This therapy also wants to know "what can you control?" This really focuses on what you want to do.

Whats better for you?

So who do you think as the procrastinator would benefit from the most? Behavior or Cognitive?

Since I am one of the avid procrastinators out there I feel that if I had to pick between which therapy would be better suited to help me getting over procrastination then it would be Behavior Therapy. Behavior therapy allows me to make my own plan of action and how I foresee myself progressing. I can work at my own pace as well which I wouldn't have a real choice in if I choose to use the Cognitive therapy technique. Of course I won't be on my own, a therapist is right there helping encourage you and going over each step and how to progress from there!

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