Jaiden R


Have the courage to move to new places and go out of your comfort zone. It's hard for me to go out if my comfort zone because I am so furmiliiar with it.

David Rouse

David Rouse is my dad. He makes me have the courage to do things I don't feel I have the courage to do.

Vicki Pottinger

Vicki Pottinger is my Grandma, and we are very close. When I'm with her she makes me happy, she's my friend.


My house in Iowa

My grandma's house in Arizona

My grandpa and uncle's house in Arizona

1st Event

Tuesday, July 8th, 12pm to Wednesday, July 23rd, 12pm

N Puma Rd

Marana, AZ

I visited my Uncle, Grandpa, and Cousin In Arizona for two weeks. I had never gone that long without my mom or dad, especially across the country in a new state and a different house. Although the trip was very fun it took great courage for me to go. I was very nervous to go because the plane ride. The last time I was on an airplane was the last time I had gone to Arizona and that was about 9 years ago. Once we landed everything was nice and easy and taking off was very fun.

2nd Event

Wednesday, Aug. 20th, 2pm



I went to Eastview for 8th grade and I was very scared because it was a new school with new teachers'. It also didn't help that I don't even like school, it would basically be like prison if my friends weren't there. Also I was nervous because I didn't want to be late to class if I had to go all the way down to the middle school, and I didn't even know who my locker partner was.

3rd Event

Wednesday, Nov. 5th, 9pm

North Puma Road, Marana, AZ, United States 3 house's down from where I was before

In the future I will have the courage to go down to Arizona by myself on a plane to visit. My grandma is moving down to Arizona, I will have the courage to leave my family for two months to visit my grandma. I will only see my grandma a few times a year. Before I see her about five times a week.

The turning Point

The turning point would be the first event because I had to get up the courage to go. I had the courage to go out of my comfort zone and leave my parents for two weeks. Eventually I will have the courage to leave my parents to live by myself but not quite yet.
Courage of Famous Failures - Inspirational