What is your favorite TV program?

We like Modern Family,Breaking Bad and Gossipgirl.

Rue Cae Eun likes Gossipgirl because she likes romance

Lee Seon Hui likes Modern Family because she likes comedy

Top 10 Breaking Bad Scenes

What newspaper and magazines do you read?

We like Vogue,Bazzar and Elle.

Rue Cae Eun likes beauty in Vouge

Lee Seon Hui likes fashion in Bazzar

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Which game show do you like the best? why?

We like Ellen Show .

Ellen show is many famous celebrities have appeared in the show and very funny program.

Ellen's Best Moments from 1,500 Shows

What commercials do you like and hate the most?

We like LG commercials because very creative and interesting .

We hate Olleh commercials because a baby little dangerous and this situation doesn't match the theme

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