Coding for a Video Game

Issues faced in game maker

What Occurred this Quarter

So for quarter 3 what I did was work on the game I started making in quarter 2. Mainly what I addressed in the quarter were the issues I was finding when trying to publish the game maker game online. Since game maker has a pro version that requires money to be purchased what happened was that many of the publishing options were blocked. The only option that was not blocked was that of publishing so that windows computers could access the game without having game maker installed

For those that might not remember:

In game maker you can pretty much make any game you would like and the language you use for coding is not hard at all to learn as it is pretty straightforward. Every action is a code that is assigned to a sprite and a sprite is the image you most of the time make yourself that does not move or make any sounds unless you assign those things to the sprite.

Progress Made Game Wise

So concerning the game there are only three things that still need to be completed. These three things are: making the pause screen, death screen and the screen you will see when starting up the game. Currently if you would access the game it works but you start playing immediately you start up the game and when you die you simply restart.