This week in class....

January 14th - January 18th

Elementary 2nd Quarter Awards

January 14th

MLK, Jr. Holiday - Camp Provided

January 21st

Science Habitat Diorama Project

Due January 22nd

Registration Deadline for Current Students

February 1st

Scholastic Book Fair

February 11th - 15th

Winter Break

February 18th - 22nd

Half Way Through............

It is hard to believe that we are half way through the school year. With that said, some of the standards and rubrics that I use to grade your child's work will change to reflect concepts that were taught during first semester.

We have a lot to accomplish between now and May including preparing for SECOND GRADE.

* 10 points will be deducted for every paper that is turned in with no name.

* 10 points will be deducted from homework that is turned in late and from center work that is not completed and turned in by Friday.

* I am no longer just looking to see if you child can write sentences which contain capital letters (at the beginning and for proper nouns), punctuation, correct letter formation, and correct spacing between words. This should be something that is automatic to them now.

In addition, I am looking to see if your child can take the grammar skills that have been taught thus far in class and apply them when writing. (plural and singular nouns, possessives, inflected endings, nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, etc....)

* Some students still have a difficult time stating their sentences with capital letters. If this is your child, please make sure to help them at home to correct this mistake when completing homework. It is very difficult for me to mark that a child is ready for second grade when they can not start sentences with a capital letter. This is something that is taught in Kindergarten at Peachtree.

* After 92 days of school, I assume that all my students know and understand the rules of the classroom and of the school. I expect for my students to follow those rules. It is imperative that students stay in their seat during instructional time and that they not speak when I or another classmate is speaking.

* We are working hard on neatness. I WILL NOT GRADE WORK THAT IS SLOPPY!

I explained to the students that if they hand in sloppy work that is difficult to read then they will redo their assignment (as many times as needed) until it is legible.

Weekly Test

Friday - Spelling Test and Comprehension Test

Panther of the Month - Noah Howell

Weekly Timed Math Test

We are working hard on knowing our addition and subtraction facts to 12. It is important that each student know these facts entering 2nd grade by memory. A student should be able to answer a math fact within 3 seconds.

We are taking 4 timed test a week. Each test has 20 to 24 problems. These will be graded at the end of each week. The test consist of a mixture of addition and subtraction problems. The students are currently given 2 minutes to complete each test, which is double the time. Please work with your child at home on memorizing these facts.

I have listed the link to FACT DASH below. The students play this every week in the library. They need to choose mixed problems and change the time to one minute.

Do you need help finding an AR book? Click on the following link for support.

Vocabulary Words

artist - a person who makes art

squiggle - a wiggly twist or curve

sculptor - an artist who makes or carves things out of stone, wood, metal, or other materials

hobby - something people do for fun in their spare time

Spelling Words

Words with ea - long e sound

When two vowels go walking (are beside each other in a word) then the first one does the talking.














This week in class......

Weekly Story

The Dot


Chapter 7 - Telling Time


Words with ea - long e sound

Inflected Ending - adding er and est to the end of words




Habitat Diorama - Due 1/22/13

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