New England Cuisine

Joe Burns,Andre McAdory

The States And Their Attractions

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

Louis Lunch- Birthplace of the hamburger Sandwich, Old and New-

Cultural Influences

Native Americans have brought ingredients to the settlers called the triangle trade. They brought molasses, rum, and salt cod. Purtian settlers brought dairy to New England, The settlers loved to make deserts because they had the ingredients.

Well Known Dishes

History- Union Oyster House

History-Union Oyster House

Union street was laid out in 1636, then became a seafood house in 1742. Next oysters were first served to the public in 1763, In the 19th century US people developed an oyster craze. Since 1826 The Union Oyster House has known only 3 owners- carrying there traditions.

States and there dishes

Baked Beans- Connecticut

Johnny Cakes- Maine

Crab Cake- New Hampshire

Lobster- Rhode Island

Grilled Cod- Massachusetts

Ice Cream- Vermont