Kindergarten Newsletter #3

~from K-E and K-H

Greetings from our first full week!

We've finished our first full week together here in kindergarten and what a great week it was! We continue to be so impressed with our kindergartners as they bring so many delights, talents, and facts about the world to school. As we hoped, the children are starting to form new friendships while enjoying time with "old" friends. Inside and outside the classroom, our kindergartners are putting their best feet forward!

Below is a gallery of photos from the week. You'll see students continuing their exploration of math materials and moving along with our Monarch butterfly study. You'll also see some photos of the first music class and the first all kindergarten sing along with other various snapshots. Enjoy!

If you haven't already made a visit, check out Magic Wings!

Thanks for coming out for Parents Night this week! It was great to have a chance to talk about the nuts and bolts of kindergarten. If you weren't able to make it, we hope you'll let us know if you have any questions.