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Friday 26 May 2023

We pray for your strength and grace to forgive, accept and love one another,
as you love us and forgive and accept us in the sacrifice of your Son.
future for our Nation. Teach us to respect all cultures.
Teach us to care for our land and waters.


Message from the Principal

WEEK OF WELLNESS - In Week 5 each term, we schedule a Week of Wellness. This is an opportunity for students to enjoy their afternoons with their family, enjoying activities that make them feel good and recharge their batteries. On Wednesday, staff enjoyed an afternoon of ten pin bowling together. This was a great opportunity for staff to relax and have fun together.

TALK FOR WRITING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Our Literacy focus for 2023 continues to be on writing. Staff completed Day One of the Talk for Writing professional development at the end of Term One. Teachers will complete the next two sessions during this term. The professional development run by the Dyslexia Speld Foundation is upskilling our teachers on expanding and developing students’ oral language skills in order to develop quality writing. Teachers have already begun implementing the strategies into their classroom writing sessions, with great engagement by all students.

NATIONAL SIMULTANEOUS STORYTIME - National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) is an Australia-wide group reading and literacy event, where schools, libraries and other institutions gather school-age children together to read the same chosen picture book at the same time. National Simultaneous Storytime is an annual event held since 2000 by the Australian Library and Information Association.

The 2023 chosen book is, ‘The Speedy Sloth,’ written by Rebecca Young, and illustrated by Heath McKenzie. This year, NSS took place on Wednesday 24 May 2023 at 11am, and I had the pleasure of reading this book to our Year One classes during this time. The book will also be read by other classes throughout the school this term.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the canteen survey. Firstly, I would like to thank and acknowledge Olyvia Browne and Nicole Murray-Pinel for the outstanding job they do managing our canteen. We are very fortunate to have a canteen operating daily in our primary school, as many other primary schools are unable to provide this service, due to the limited resources available.

We had 49 families respond to the survey and provide predominately positive feedback about the canteen. Most people responded that they order once per week from the canteen for convenience or the occasional treat. Families overwhelming agreed that that canteen was reasonably priced, offered good quality food and provided healthy food options.

In response to healthy suggestions, many people requested sushi and gluten free options. St Peter’s has added sushi to the menu twice in the past, and, unfortunately both times it has had to be removed due to lack of sustained sushi numbers being ordered each week. This outcome simply meant that it was not cost effective for the school or families to keep. However, in response to the positive feedback about sushi we have commenced and will continue to provide sushi as an option during WOW week every term!

Additionally, the survey had some queries around the GF options available. The canteen currently offers a range of gluten free options including Butter Chicken and Rice, Vegetarian Fried Rice, Potato Bake and Nacho Dippers. Salads are available daily for lunch and healthy recess items include seasonal fresh fruit, veggie sticks and hummus, fruit cups in juice, and yogurt. The full canteen menu is regularly updated and accessible on the school website, so jump on and check it out to see our full range of offerings

RECONCILIATION WEEK - St Peter’s Primary School will acknowledge Reconciliation Week during Week 6 this term. The National Reconciliation Week 2023 theme is, 'Be a Voice for Generations.’ National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.

On Thursday 1st June, Daniel Garlett will be visiting St Peter’s Primary School again. Daniel and his family members will be performing to the Pre Primary – Year 6 students a spiritual dance in the Undercover Area at 9am.

This week, our Kindy classes had a visitor called Cyril Yarran, who owns NInni Ngingyaans. During his visit, Cyril shared his story telling skills with the children. Our Kindy students
thoroughly enjoyed the story telling and the rest of the school is looking forward to the
upcoming dance experience!

On Tuesday 30 May and Wednesday 31 May, many of our Year 3 students will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. In this Sacrament, we come to Jesus for forgiveness, with the students confessing their sins to a Priest and the Priest forgives them in Jesus’ name. Preparing children for the Sacrament of Reconciliation allows us to show them that God is love and that in mercy He is always ready to forgive, no matter what the wrong.
Please keep these students receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation in your prayers.

Next weekend is the WA Day public holiday. I hope you enjoy the long weekend with your family! I look forward to welcoming you all back to school on Tuesday 6 June.

Courtney Caputi


Assistant Principal RE News

FACTION DAY - We had a wonderful day on Wednesday this week celebrating the faction of Siena. The students participated in a variety of activities at lunchtime and had the opportunity to learn about St Catherine of Siena with their buddy class. All money raised from the gold coin donation will be donated to LifeLink. Please see above photos.

RECONCILIATION - Next Tuesday and Wednesday night is the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Please keep those students who are receiving the Sacrament in your prayers.

Merit Certificates Week 4 - 19/05/23

PPB Aston Sharpe / Lola Princi

PPM Archie Kotlarczyk / Maria Mansaray

PPW Luca Maltese / Alina Mair

1B Amabella Paullehe / Gon Nguyen

1M Hunter Williamson / Blake Whitehead

1W Damian Salvia / Stella Johnson

2B Lily Tran / Emily Dawes

2M James Dalton / Zadie Srsen / Leo Clozza

2W Knox Drabarek / Harry Perlini

3B Eden Blanchard / Hunter Harbison

3M Jack May

3W Klaudia Pelka / Liam Palermo-Martin

4B Serin Kuriakose / Max Marinucci

4M Oliver Thomson / Ava Mainstone

4W Will Jackson / Wacera Mathenge

5B Anderson Palermo-Martin / Isabella Dalton

5M Alice Busch / Sofia L'Abbate

5W Kasia Hooper / Kenzo Tan

6B Ella Giocas / Joseph Menaglio

6M Zara Grindley / Angus Griffiths

6W Mitchell Akhurst

Person of the Week - 19/05/23

GRACE HOSKINS - ONE BLUE - Grace, you undoubtedly demonstrate our school values in the way that you show enthusiasm and positivity towards your learning every day. You confidently share your clever and thoughtful ideas with your classmates, and in return show respect by listening to others.
Your happy and kind-hearted nature shines through and is what makes you loved by all your friends and teachers. Grace, you are always willing to include others and show patience and compassion to those around you. Your keen sense of humour and ability to make others laugh is such a lovely quality, and something I hope that you never change! It is said, “In a world where you can be anything… be kind.”
Grace, you go by this each day in the way that you show kindness in your interactions with others.
You consistently take pride in your work and always strive to challenge yourself and do the best that you can. Grace, you are an excellent role model to your peers, and I can trust in you to make the right choices in and out of the classroom. You demonstrate Trust, Respect, Excellence and Unity day to day and show a positive attitude towards all aspects of school. We are so lucky to have you in the 1B classroom…
You are a superstar, Grace!
You are truly deserving of being named Junior Person of the Week! Congratulations!

GIORDANA NARDELLI - FOUR BLUE - Giordana, it is an absolute pleasure to name you as our Senior Person of the Week and to have this opportunity to tell the whole school what an amazing student you are.

We are blessed in Year Four Blue to be able to see your beautiful smile come through the door every morning, followed by a cheerful, ‘Good morning, Mrs Zagar.’ Giordana, you set a perfect example in the classroom of what it is like to live our St Peter’s TRUE values.
Your honesty in all your thoughts and actions, not only show us you are a trustworthy student, but also teaches us to be trustworthy class members. With your caring, compassionate nature, you show the upmost respect to everyone who crosses your path and in return you receive the same respect back.
You show unity by being ready and willing to work with everyone in our class at any given time. You truly enjoying being in the company of others and have the perfect balance of when to take work seriously and when to go a little crazy!!

Your most amazing attribute Giordana, is the determination you show to achieve excellence. Excellence is about achieving your personal best and you are always asking questions to ensure that you produce work that
reflects this! You do not hesitate to ask questions about your learning, and you are always willing to take action to accomplish your goals.

We are all so proud of you because you truly deserve to be named Senior Person of the Week!

Merit Certificates Week 5 - 26/05/23

PPB Evie Bower / Jack Freeman

PPM Bryce Armstrong

PPW Lyric Edwards / Aoibhinn Heffernan

1B Arthur Mills / Valerie Miller

1M Liana Morris / Elsa Shirazi

1W Savarna Reid / Mason Wemyss

2B Matilda Gere / Samara Sayed

2M Xavier Colli / Amelia Suiter

2W Enrique Rets / Leo Dundo

3B Ivy Thomson / Nathaniel Fitzgerald

3M William O'Kane / Lily Olszewski

3W Isla Kotlarczyk / Bentley Chau

4B Ciaran Phelan / Jake McLernon

4M Maxwell Chaplin / Asher Raveendrakumar

4W Grace Cox / Edoardo Ricciardi

5B Loni O'Brien / Kent Nguyen

5M Isabelle Mathews / Oliver Johnson

5W Ryan Bradley / Milla Frost

6B Romilly Blair

6M Phoenix Martin

6W Addison Powell

Person of the Week - 26/05/23

ALICE VIOLANTE - TWO BLUE - Alice, you immediately came to mind when we thought of who to select for Person of the Week for 2B. 2B is lucky to have you in our class as you are someone who lives the St Peter’s TRUE values every single day. From the moment you enter the classroom with your beautiful greeting and big, bright smile, we see your inner light shining. Alice, we know that you will begin your work quickly and quietly. You are a kind and caring friend to all, and you always try hard to include others. You are thoughtful in everything you do and say, ensuring that other’s thoughts and feelings are being considered. In your pursuit of excellence, you always strive to
produce your best work. You are not afraid to ask questions or seek help to ensure that the work you produce is to the best of your ability.
Dr Seuss said, “You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”

Alice, we know that with your beautiful heart, caring nature, and can-do attitude, you will continue to achieve your goals and continue to scale mountains. As you do this, we know that you will continue to be a shining light of kindness and we are so glad that you are a part of 2B. Congratulations on being named the Junior Person of the Week!

RHIANNON O'SHEA - FIVE BLUE - There is nothing more beautiful than a person being unapologetically themselves – comfortable in imperfection and striving to be the best version of themselves. Rhiannon – you are beautiful in every sense of the word, and you shine your bright light on all those around you. Our St Peter’s community is extremely blessed to have such a kind, compassionate, motivated and authentic human

acting as a disciple of Jesus and spreading joy to others.

To present you with the Senior Person of the Week award in WOW (Week of Wellness) Week is very fitting. Your personal growth and journey this year have been incredible and so deserving of recognition and celebration. You do not strive to be better than others, only striving to be better than yourself. You are in a space of constant reflection and self-improvement - not only with your learning but the way you deal with challenging situations and overcome any self-doubt or uncomfortable feelings in your personal endeavours. It makes me a very proud Wellbeing Warrior to see you flourishing and living each day in search of the best version of yourself.

You treat everyone in our community with respect and care and show a genuine interest in others. You strive for excellence in all that you do. You can be relied upon to act responsibly and meet all classroom expectations to a high standard. You are an incredibly compassionate friend who puts the needs of others above your own and there is nothing you wouldn’t do to see your friends smiling and happy. No one is you Rhi, and that is your superpower.

Congratulations on being named the Senior Person of the Week!

School Photos 2023

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Seasons of Growth

Seasons of Growth Small Groups for Students Expressions of Interest

We are currently seeking expressions of interests from parents/guardians of students from Years 1 - 6 who think their child may benefit from partaking in our Seasons for Growth Program running in Terms 3 and 4 this year.
Change and loss are issues that affect all of us at some stage in our lives.
Here at St Peter’s Primary School, we recognise that when changes occur in families through death, separation, divorce or significant change or loss, young people may benefit from learning how to manage these changes effectively. Therefore, we offer a very successful education program called, ‘Seasons for Growth’ to students in Years 1 - 6.
The Seasons for Growth program is evidence- based and relies on research, strategies, and techniques consistent with high quality, psychosocial education and aims to strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of children.

Small groups of 4-8 children work with a trained adult companion (facilitator) who supports the children in learning new ways to share, think about and respond to the changes and losses in their lives. The program will be run by Mrs Julia O’Meara (GATE teacher and trained Seasons of Growth Facilitator), who will be supported by School Psychologist, Mrs Tarryn Scher. As part of the program children learn that they are not alone in dealing with the effects of change, loss and grief. They build their understanding and communication,
decision-making and problem-solving skills as part of a supportive peer group.

Seasons for Growth takes place over a structured 8-week period filled with peer-to-peer learning opportunities – with time to talk and listen as well as take part in activities including drawing, music, art, journaling, role plays and storytelling. Sessions explore age-appropriate concepts, for example “change is part of life” and “caring for my feelings.” The story of the seasons is used to explain the cycles of life and provides a valuable metaphor for children to explore and understand their own story.

We will run a first group in Term 3 and a second group in Term 4. The program will run during school time and is free of charge.

If you think your child may benefit from the program, please complete the expression of interest form via the below link by latest Friday 2nd June 2023.

Please note that expressing interest does not guarantee your child a spot in the program. Students will be chosen based on highest level of need and their age. You will be notified later this term if your child has been selected to partake in either the Term 3 or Term 4 program.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have any further questions about the program.

Kind regards,

Tarryn Scher (School Psychologist)
Julia O’Meara (GATE teacher and Seasons of Growth Facilitator)


Dear Parents,

The Catholic School Parents' WA Annual General Meeting will take place in 4 weeks on Thursday 15th June 2023. We are now in the process of setting the agenda and so we are now calling for agenda items. Please forward any items to by Wednesday 1st June.
We also invite members from schools who are financially affiliated with CSPWA to consider nominating to Council at the AGM. In addition to contributing to the work of council at state and local level, Council members have the opportunity to represent CSPWA on national, state and Catholic education sector committees and working parties according to their experience.
If this is something you might be interested in or if you would like to find out more, please contact Siobhan Allen, Executive Director CSPWA on 0409 025 683.

Please find below the link to the 2023/24 Council nomination form and AGM flyer.

2023 CSPWA AGM Notice

CSPWA New Councillor Nomination Form 2023

Thank you so much for your assistance with this matter.


Siobhan Allen

Executive Director

P&F News

The Netball team and Basketball team have come together to create an association so we can continue to have after school club sports at St Peter's. They are desperately in need of volunteers for this to be able to continue next year. Please contact either a member of the Basketball or Netball Committee or send your interest through to

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