Sir Francis Drake

Isabel Smith

Background On Explorer

Was from England who lived from 1540 CE- 1596 CE. Sir Francis drake was one of 12 boys who grew up on a farm and later became a merchant who sailed costal waters trading goods between England and France. He took to navigation well and was soon enlisted by his family/relatives.

Gold, God, or Glory

Gold- He was to break Spain's rule over the oceans so there could be more trade. At this time Spain had the best naval fleet (ships). So breaking their rule would open up more trade opportunity. While on his exploration he found a lot of gold, cargo, and silver. He found so much of these goods that he had to cut his voyage short.

Glory- Sir Francis Drake successfully completed this task along with many others throughout his time. He was later Knighted by Queen Elizabeth I upon his triumphant return.

Results and Accomplishments

Achievements- circumnavigated the globe/earth, determined that Tierra del Fuego was an archipelago, claimed part of the west cost of North America for England, resolved Roanoke settlers

Explored-North America, South America, Africa, Through the Indian Ocean, Europe, and Asia.

Results- Sir Francis Drakes last voyage was in 1596. HE died after battling a high fever, after loosing a battle against Puerto Rico. His crew decided to burry him at sea by letting him go in the water dead.

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Other Important Information

Funding- was being funded by England on his first voyage he took 73 men and too ships with him. Later went on a larger voyage using 5 ships.

-Was one of the first explorers of England to explore the pacific ocean, Indian Ocean, and south of the Atlantic Ocean also one of the first to explore/see the west part of Canada.

-He became a privateer , the Spanish called him a pirate, he was working on behalf of Queen Elizabeth I attacking Spanish treasure ships.