JM Staff Bulletin

Week of May 9, 2016

Sorry for the Length of this bulletin...

Hi Teachers,

Please take a moment to read through all of the sections below.



SBAC Final Day of Testing this Friday, May 13th

Please send me a list of all students who need to do any make-ups and which tests they need to make up and/or finish. I would like for all students to be finished by Thursday at the latest!

Grade Reporting for the Third Trimester will open on Monday, May 9th!

Let Ms. Harper know if you have any issues with accessing your report cards in Aeries.

Grandparent's Day - May 11th - Please Notify Parents ASAP!

Please notify your parents about what your class will be doing on Grandparent's Day. If parents email me, I will direct them to contact you. We will be sure the basketball court is open for additional parking on this day.

Career Fair and Asian Pacific American Literature Read-In Day

Thank you, Dominica, for organizing this year's career fair. Teachers, please make sure you have signed your class up for a time to bring your class to the fair. Nina Senn, OUSD School Board Director, will no longer be able to come due to scheduling issues on Friday. She might be able to come on Thursday to read to students. I will let you know if she will be here.

Please email your parents about Asian Pacific American Literature Read-In Day to see if any of them would like to come in to read a book to your kiddos. If they need a book, Ms. Gullikson will be getting some books by Asian authors together in the library.

SEL Overview (3rd - 5th grade teachers only)

Remember to do the SEL overview with your grade level team. Make a copy of the survey and rename it with your grade level. Then, share it with me. Here's the link:

Pinks and Blues

Last week I asked that you use your PLC time to create classes for the coming year prior to this Wednesday's PD time. On Wednesday, we will meet together as a group to review the classes and gather feedback from teachers across grade levels. For example, the second grade team will show their class lists to the kindergarten and first grade teams to see if there are any students that should not be together.

New Joaq-a-Thon Assembly Date and Time

Due to a class being on a field trip on the original date, we have had to reschedule the assembly to May 31st at 1:00. I realize that this might mean the kindergarteners and first graders may have a slightly later recess on this day, but this is the only time I can find on the calendar when the Joaq-a-Thon parent leads can attend and no class is on a field trip. Thanks for your understanding with this calendar change.

Yard Duty Issue! Please READ!

Ms. Porter is listed as having yard duty from 1:40 - 1:50 on the Big Yard on Thursdays, but she takes her class out for the 1:50 - 2:00 recess. Can you all determine who can take this yard duty spot to ensure we have an adult on the yard? Thanks!

With appreciation,


This Week

Monday: SBAC make-ups;

Tuesday: SBAC make-ups; Montera incoming 6th grade IEPs;

Wednesday: SBAC make-ups, Grandparent's Day, Classification, PTA Board Meeting 8:00 - 9:00PM

Thursday: SBAC make-ups,

Friday: Career Day and Asian Pacific American Read-In; Sara to leave at noon for memorial service

Weekly Deliverables (To-Dos)

  • Email your parents about Grandparent's Day
  • Email your parent volunteers to personally invite them to attend the Parent Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast on Thursday, May 26th from 8:00 - 9:00.
  • Make next year's classes with your grade level team before Wednesday, May 11th.
  • Send a message to your parents via Konstella or email about what's happening in your class! (Remember: the more they know, the less they make up!)
  • Get kids on Lexia and Mathletics!
  • Check Konstella and your OUSD email often.
  • Submit COST referrals as needed.
  • Pat yourself on the back for being amazing!
  • Breathe.

Upcoming Dates- Not including this week

May 16: SRI and F&P window opens

May 17: COST meeting

May 18: OUSD Science Fair; African American Migration Day (4th grade)

May 19: Principal PD

May 20: Pride Assemblies

May 23: SIRA window opens; 5th Grade Promotion Walk-Through from 9:00 - 10:00 in MPR; Staff Meeting; Dinner with a Scientist

May 24: FC Meeting; Congressional Hearings (5th grade only)

May 25: Open House from 6:00 - 7:00

May 26: Parent Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

May 27: NO SCHOOL!

May 30: NO SCHOOL!

May 31: Field Day and Joaq-a-Thon Assembly

June 3: Family Movie Night