October Newsletter

What you need to know to stay in the know

What we've accomplished so far:

  • Every Kindergarten-Second classroom has 1 device for every 2 students. All students in Third-Fifth grade have their own devices. iPads are checked out, updated, and ready for learning. Self service is working and filled with great apps!
  • Every classroom has a library checkout time that has been running smoothly. (And all kids are starting with a clean slate with no dues!)
  • Each class has come to Makerspace and learned about all of our great things!
  • 4/5 blends have set up Blogger accounts to use for reading comprehension journals.

Featured App of the month


Epic is an AMAZING ebook resource that is FREE for students to use *at school

  1. You create an account (with a password that your students will type in) and add students to your class by typing first and last names and age.
  2. They log in with your information and click their name
  3. Students can search and add books to lists
  5. Great popular books and SOME read to students

Exciting things coming up:

  • Technology PD for in-service credit coming from the Innovation Team
  • New items being added to Makerspace thanks to the Assistance League Grant
  • Old iPad 2s are being replaced with new minis!

Enjoy this pointless time lapse video. Happy Halloween.

Time-lapse video, Halloween 3D pumpkin carving 2016 - Witch -