Tech Integration Newsletter

Volume 14 | Issue 29 | January, 2019

IMS Director's Note

By far, the most productive tool I see in our district is OneNote. We use it for everything from class notebooks, staff notebooks, handbooks, meetings, projects - the list goes on and on. It is a single tool that organizes and allows the use of just about any type of file within its canvas. For more tips, check out the resources below.
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Technology & Learning BrightBytes Results

Results are in and we've grown 17 points in the past four years in all four CASE domains: Classroom, Access, Skills, and Environment!

A recent Pew report states that 92% of teachers believe that access to technology and the Internet has had a major impact on instruction.

Teachers who are able to access technology at home can better plan transformative instruction and are more likely to use technology frequently, fostering strengthened technology skills. These skills are a prerequisite to the use of digital creativity, digital collaboration, digital communication, and critical thinking in the classroom. According to the 2011 US Census, close to 80% of Americans have access to a home computer, and 98% of all American homes are capable of receiving high speed Internet.

Let's take a closer look at our results in the infographic below regarding access. For your school's detailed report contact your building principal or your Instructional Technology Trainer.

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Digital Citizenship Corner with Common Sense Education

Common Sense Education is excited to introduce new and improved K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum from Common Sense Education.

Any questions regarding digital citizenship or Common Sense Education should be directed to Keegan Korf at keegan.korf@ops.org.

Click the button below for more information.

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Run Those Updates! It's important for the health of your device.

To update your MAC, just restart your device!

To update your Windows 10 device, click on the button below and follow the instructions in the supplemental Sway.
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Dr. Logan's January Read Aloud

We had close to 1000 students connect to listen to Dr. Logan read aloud of The Snowy Day in December, and she is excited to connect again! Click on the form below to register for her next read aloud of Jan Brett's, The Mitten, on Thursday, January 24th at 3:15 PM. Can't make that time work? We have approval to send out the recording to anyone registered!

Register by Tuesday, January 22nd at 5:00 PM and Eileen Heller will send you a link to join.

Dr. Logan's January Read Aloud Registration Form

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Future Ready Nebraska


The outside rings of the framework emphasize the need for collaborative leadership and the cycle of transformation where districts vision, plan, implement, and assess continually.

Come check out the interactive bulletin board in the MTC! Bring your phone to scan QR codes to learn about the state and national content for each gear in the framework.

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School Spotlight

This month's spotlight is on two middle schools and the families in their school communities. R.M. Marrs Magnet and Norris Middle schools received a grant through Digital Promise to participate in the Verizon Innovative Learning Program. This opportunity provides each student an iPad and 5 gigs of LTE data for wifi access outside of their schools and classrooms.

As part of this program, guardians and their students have been engaged with educational sessions around digital citizenship, support, and literacy skills to help utilize this tool for education. Each Verizon Innovative Learning School (VILs) has a dedicated Digital Learning Coach who is supporting teachers, administrators, and families through this exciting journey.

The program supports eight learning outcomes:

  1. Increase Student Achievement
  2. Increase Student Engagement
  3. Increase Student and Teacher Tech & Stem Proficiency
  4. Increase Student Stem Interest
  5. Increase Student Problem Solving Skills
  6. Increase Student Collaboration Skills
  7. Increase Student Communication Skills
  8. Increase Student Confidence

Today, students have an additional tool to support their learning. Congratulations to these schools and their communities. Thank you for your efforts in making #OPSProud!

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Technology Spotlight

Nominations are now open for the 2018-2019 school year. The district technology instructional trainers are looking to showcase innovative educators who are incorporating technology into their classroom content.

Nominate an innovator(s) today by clicking the button below!

Technology Training Team

Debra Bordenkecher:

Technology Trainer, Classified/Certified Staff/TAC

Rebecca Chambers:

Instructional Technology Trainer, Mobile Learning Unit Lead Teacher

Melissa Cleaver:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Project Coordinator
Eileen Heller:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Elementary Lead Teacher
Keegan Korf:
Common Sense Media, Digital Citizenship Lead Teacher
Kelly Means:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Project Coordinator
Amy Vester:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Secondary Lead Teacher
McKenzie White:
Instructional Technology Trainer, Library Lead Teacher