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Friday, February 12, 2016

Our Valentine Candy Heart Graphing Activity

I am sending home Reading pages today! Please read these with your child and practice! They include sight words we have learned and words that we have "blended" in class this week!

Rainbow Wall

Red: Ryan Tate Jr.

Orange: Malik Gutierrez

Yellow: Kayden Willbanks

Blue: Faith Garcia-Paguio, Lela Burnham

Please congratulate the following students! I am so proud of them for reaching for the stars!

Consonant Blends with /l/, /r/, /t/, and /p/

Next week we will begin learning all about Consonant Blends with /l/, /r/, /t/, and /p/....these words might look like - slide, glide, clock, slip, slope. Children need to know that some letters need to blend together when sounding out a word.

For example: When you see the word "flap" you have to blend the f and the l to make the sound /fl/ before adding the sounds /a/ and /p/.

Can Your Child Read This?

Big image

Our 100th Day was a blast! See photos below! THANK YOU for helping make our day special!