Best Food Diary apps

What you eat affects how you are. And it is not your weight alone. Food affects mood, health, and other lifestyle factors. Keep track of what you eat with these food traking apps to find out how food affects you.

It can seem like a pain to track everything you eat, from weird snacks to meals. But just as it is a good habit to keep a journal Start this simple habit to boost your productivity: Journaling Start this simple habit to launch your productivity: Journaling is an underrated professional tool and a fundamental habit of many people. successful.

From increasing productivity to maintaining accountability, we explore why you should consider introducing journaling as a productivity tool into your workday. Read More You will discover new things about yourself.

1. YouEat

YouEat is a great food tracker and journal app that wants to trace the path of all your meals and ask you why you ate them. It basically shows you the triggers that make you eat right or deviate from your diet plan.


RiseUp recognizes that what you consume affects your mental state, especially if you suffer from a disorder. The app lets you track what you ate and how you felt that day, giving you recognizable patterns over time.

3. MyPlate

MyPlate is a LiveStrong calorie counting app, which means you get the entire existing LiveStrong community to propel you into your goals and desires. It's just like any of the other calorie counting fitness apps.

Did you know how fitness apps count calories? Did you know how fitness apps count calories? Do you count calories or track your exercise? Did you know how your apps to improve your nutrition or device calculated calories?

MyPlate asks you to set goals, such as monitoring your carbohydrate or sodium intake. So it's about recording everything you eat. It's easy to add anything by searching the database of two million items or taking photos of barcodes to automatically identify them. MyPlate will automatically calculate calories and nutritional breakdown.

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