More Sports?

Should schools have more than the basic sports?

The Argument

In the world today, many people would say there should be more sports. It is pop culture, but it is popular for a reason. It benefits you in many ways, and that's the main reason to have more of it in schools. It improves brain functions, which is especially important in a school, where children are learning. It improves the health of people, and gives them the amount of physical activity they need each day. Not many people can argue that they aren't fun, either. Since half of the U.S. does not participate in sports at school, having a new sport may influence them to become interested and join the team. Bringing new sports to school districts is a brilliant idea.


It gets people into a better shape, physically, and mentally. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are over 1 billion people in the world that are overweight. There are 500 million obese people in the world. The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) says that having physically activity on some sort of basis increases oxygen flow to the brain, therefore helping children with school.
They're fun! In the United Junior High 8th grade class, 9/10 people said they enjoyed sports, watching and/or playing. The game isn't the only thing that makes sports fun. Your friends and competitions can make it more fun. According to The Center For Kids First, 20% of kids join for improving skills, and 65% join sports to spend more time with friends.

If there is a larger diversity of sports, more kids may be involved. For example, there is only say, football, and baseball. There were a lot of kids that didn't enjoy those sports as much as others, so they never joined. Adding more sports to that school might give other children a chance to play a sport they enjoy. The National Federation of State High School Associations says that 55.2% of students are in sports, in the U.S.. In 2012, it was 54.8%. It has proven that there was an increase in the past year.

Why Not?

It costs a lot of money, that the school does not have. There are ways to get around that. One way is having a fundraiser, instead of taking it out of other important school funds. Doing acts like that can support the team and get them new equipment. Another way is cutting another activity not many people participate in. Before doing so, a poll should be taken to see who will actually participate in the new sport.
Some students may not be able to handle participating in an extra sport. With a few activities already in some students schedules, it may be hard to have time for a new sport. Therefore, less students may join the team. Although, if they like the new sport better, they may replace an old one.


  • Children might actually get the amount of physical activity they need.
  • It's fun!
  • It'll make children improve in school.
  • Children may be in a better mood more often.
  • Children obesity may go down.


  • Parents may not have the money or time to include their children in sports, causing the amount of team players to lower.
  • Schools may not have the money to fund a new team.
  • The children may not enjoy the new sport.
  • Some people may not be able to handle the pressure of multiple activities.
  • Surrounding districts may not have a sport team of they type to play against.

A Fantastic Finish

In conclusion, I think school districts in the U.S. need more than the basic sports. They are valid reasons why and why not, but the Pros have beaten the Cons. Hopefully in the near future we see a change.