Reading Takes Us

To Beautiful Places

Dear Wheeler Warriors,

School has finally started, but we can't come on campus for classes yet. This newsletter focuses on reading with opportunities for you to continue reading happily, learn about the resources we have available for you at home, including where they are and how to access them. Reading is a joy. Let's dive in and have a joyful year!

Happy Reading,

Mrs. Sanico, Librarian

Read with someone or read to someone!

Warriors, you are never get too old to have books read to you. If you choose the book carefully, it's a great way to bond with your parents or siblings while you learn together. Click to learn more.

Click on images below to play video.

Look for books on our Catalog

Click to see how: Try our Online Catalog. Enter Search word or look at a featured collection on the carousel. Place books on HOLD. Mrs. Sanico will contact you or your parent when they are ready for you to pick up.

How to choose what book to read

"Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors." (Source: Rudine Sims Bishop, 1990)

Books offer an important opportunity for children to learn about/understand people, places, and lives different from their own (Windows), which is crucial for the development of empathy.

Readers step into stories through imagination and become part of that world (Sliding Glass Doors).

Other books give readers the opportunity to see their own reflection (Mirrors) -- characters who look like they do -- which is crucial for building confidence and self-esteem.

"If we have the time and resources, we can find that book and help to change that child's life... help us to understand each other better by helping to change our attitudes towards difference...

We can celebrate both our differences and our similarities, because together they are what make us all human." (Bishop, 1990)

  • How do you know if a book is the right level for you? Use the 5 finger rule . Hold up one finger when you hit a word that makes you struggle or skip. If you get to 5 fingers held up, that is the stop sign: this book is too hard for you right now. If you only have 2 or 3 fingers up, that would be a good book to read on your own.

Last but not least!

Enjoy online NONFICTION resources for your next read.

The library resources are available for you 24/7. Quality, vetted, NonFiction articles and online databases to pique the interest of the most curious reader. Try PebbleGo, PebbleGoNext, World Book online, and more!

Check out the tutorial PLAY LIST

Come back often to see what new videos are being added to the digital resources tutorials!

Click on one of the videos to see how to enjoy our library while you are at home.

Stick Together VIRTUAL Makerspace

Since we can't be together "in" the library, we can still work together on this Virtual Makerspace. It's a digital mosaic poster. You can add 5 stickers per day. Use the + sign button to Zoom in and find the section you want to add your stickers to. Can't wait to see what WE can make together!