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Become an Apprentice Today!

Currently I, Silas Heap, am searching for a new apprentice to train and become a great wizard. I accept any form of payment including but not limited to drachmas and golden dabloons. Come over to the Wizard Tower and ask for Silas Heap.

Jenna Heap is the Long Lost Daughter to the Queen?

Many years ago, when the queen's daughter was only just born, the queen was attacked by as Assassin. Thankfully, Marcia Overstrand was there to protect at least the Queen's daughter. But on that night, the Assassin had killed the Queen. With this news, Marcia knew she would have to hide the Queenling if she ever wanted to survive. So every since that day, the Queen's daughter had been living, unknowing that she was the queen's daughter, with the Heaps. Until shortly ago that Marcia had come back to explain to the Heaps that Jenna Heap really was the queen's long lost daughter.

Dry Cleaning Sale for Wizards!

Are you tired of having to laboriously wash your own clothes? Come over to 636 Muggle Ave. and for a small price of 10 drachmas and 10 golden dabloons. I will teach you the dry clean spells! Some include the Five-Second Dry Clean Spell, and the One-Minute Dry Clean Spell for more heavy duty things. C'mon down and get cleaning, with magyk.

Boy 412 Discovered to be the Seventh Son of the Seventh Son!

Boy 412 did not know much before meeting the Heaps. He had been part of the Young Army his entire life. He had no idea who his parents were and not that he even knew he had parents. He was on duty guarding the Wizard Tower when he suddenly was dragged along the Extra-Ordinary Wizard's problems. At the hidden house of Aunt Zelda, after defeating DomDaniel along with the Queenling and accepting Marcia's request to become her apprentice, Boy 412 had only one request for being the apprentice to Marcia. To see his mother. So therefore, Aunt Zelda had him look into the silver moon pool and it was later realized that Sarah Heap was his mother. Revealing that Boy 412 was the real Septimus Heap, the evil apprentice of DomDaniel was later revealed to be an imposter of Septimus Heap.