Please Stop Laughing At Me

Jacob Rakes


The book starts with Jodie reminiscing over her school years thinking of all of the suffering and trauma of her childhood, then skips back in time to her starting high school and wants to get some new friends at this new school. She ends up getting bullied and pushed around and she ended up moving to a new school. In this school she starts with a head start, she already had some friends.She goes to a party and it ends up being a disaster.She ends up getting bullied and has to move to a new neighborhood where some of her future classmates live and after her summer the school year came along and things take a turn for the worst. She starts to get bullied again after she failed to dissect a fetal pig and the kids started making fun of her for being a wimp. Jodee finishes the rest of the painful school year and starts her summer off with a two week stay at a university for kids that don't fit in and gets a lot of new friends. She goes back to school were she found some unexpectedly friendly (x)bullies that somehow forgot all about their past torture of Jodee. She ends up having a good school year and in the end Jodie overcomes her past experiences and goes to the high-school reunion .

Main character:Jodee Blanco

Jodie is a smart, shy ,kind, and traumatized woman, who despite her efforts will never be able to forget her childhood torment. As a kid she was very kind-heated and unassuming.She would help almost any one getting bullied, which made her an easy target for the bullies. She got bullied so much that her parents thought she had antisocial personality disorder and sent her to a psychiatric doctor. later in the book Jodie gets desperate for companionship and got tricked by the bullies and fell for a 'forgive me' trick and ends up getting beaten and spit on. She ended up going to a two week summer camp to make some friends and has a great time. In the end she turns out to be a successful and famous book writer and overcomes her childhood drama.

Conflict/ Resolution

In this book the main character Jodee Blanco must deal with bullying and depression from her classmates and friends. She overcomes these by talking with family and going to therapists. Although these don't stop the bullying it still helps with her emotional state. She ends up going to a summer program for kids who don't fit in to have people to relate with. This helps in the long run because when she goes back for her last year of high school she ends up getting friends and having a good time .


The theme of this book is to never give up no mater how tough times are and that things will get better if you keep going.

Book Review

I thought that this book was very unique and enjoyable. She expressed her emotions vividly and well. This book did really good at explaining the setting and scenario. I would give this book a 9/10.


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